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Disable the desktop for quicker window redraws Desktop
To speed up window redrawing, just use Tinkertool (see Hall of Fame at left) to turn the desktop off.

On a 8600 G3 547MHz with 256MB of RAM, ATI XclaimVR 128, and an Acard/66 with two 60GB drives, it made a significat difference in window redraws under very heavy load. Instead of graphics sort of crawling across the screen, they tend to pop up. Also less swapping on the second drive with the swapfile located on it. Limewire, dnet, iTunes, and Mozilla all running simultaneously. Other tips were used previously such as the disabled font smoothing and swapcop etc.

On a Sawtooth 450 with 384MB's of RAM, disabling the desktop made a small difference, but it was fast already.

[Editor's note: I have not tested this myself to verify any speed gains from disabling the desktop, but it makes sense. Then again, I like my desktop pictures too much to disable them!]
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be careful
Authored by: serres on Apr 30, '02 10:30:04AM

i'm not completly sure, but a long time ago i played with this use desktop/don't use desktop option in tinkertool and lost _all_ my files on the desktop. may be related to another settings, but be careful with this. i suggest backing up your ~/Desktop folder before.

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Wouldn't it be just as good
Authored by: porkchop_d_clown on Apr 30, '02 11:07:16AM

Wouldn't it be easier and just as good to use a single-color desktop image? (i.e., a grey rectangle, or something.)

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Wouldn't it be just as good (No)
Authored by: u2zoo on Apr 30, '02 04:06:37PM

Nope, because the desktop is an application just like photoshop or mail... it is one more process that is running on your system - Plus it is always the application that sits at the bottom of your display's "z-index" - so that every app has to redraw it's windows ontop of that...

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be careful
Authored by: u2zoo on Apr 30, '02 04:11:44PM

Hmm... I've been using tinkertool since 10 came out and have not had any problem with "diable desktop" feature (or any others...)

Not saying it didn't happen to you... I just want to shed a positive light on the tool as well.

Oh - and it does make window-redrawing much faster... also using WindowShadeX to disable... or at least minimze the drop-shadows helps quite a bit. Frankly I loathe the drop shadows and wish the windows just had a nice border around them.

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Change desktop color?
Authored by: Anonymous on Apr 30, '02 05:45:21PM

Once I disable the desktop, my desktop color is now blue. Is there any way to change this to another color?

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Desktop is not an app!
Authored by: a1291762 on Apr 30, '02 05:59:28PM

The disable desktop feature of Tinkertool does not stop a particular app from running, it just tells the Finder not to draw a background.

So while it may speed up redraws over the "desktop" it doesn't result in less programs running or anything.

Under the PB (or before... can't remember) the Finder was called "Desktop".

The "blue" color that is left is put their by the WindowServer or loginwindow process. You *could* write an app to display a picture (a-la Finder) but it would probably need to use an undocumented API.

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