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Dimming an iBook with an external keyboard System
I "dock" my iBook when I'm at home, plugging it into an external monitor and using an external keyboard and mouse. I've always been bothered by the fact that I couldn't use the brightness control keys on the iBook's keyboard to turn the screen off completely (if you turn the brightness all the way down, it goes to sleep).

The other day, I hit F15 on my external keyboard by accident and I saw that it mimicked the "Bightness Up" key on the iBook, just like F12 does "Eject Disk." As you might expect, I found that F14 turns the brightness down by one unit. But, when you use F14 on the external keyboard to take the brightness level to zero, the iBook's screen turns off but the system doesn't go to sleep!
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iBook 2001 screen keys
Authored by: bluehz on Apr 29, '02 08:49:55AM

This is a GREAT tip for iBook users and one that came in particularly handy this weekend. I cloned my G4 OS X 10.1.4 desktop to my iBook 2001 using Carbon Copy Cloner and for the first time CCC actually ran without errors. All is well on the iBook except for one little oddity - the iBook keyboard has specific keys for volume and screen brightness - these keys no longer function after the clone. Obviously there is some ext, or some item that only gets installed on iBooks by the installer disks but I don't know what it is. Does anyone know the software that controls vol/screen brightness on the iBooks so I could go into my backups and pull out just that/those files and reinstall?

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My iBook must have insomnia...
Authored by: CaptCosmic on Apr 29, '02 11:12:12AM

I tested the author's claim about the iBook's going to sleep when the display brightness is turned all the way down. My backlight turns off, but the machine stays wide awake and continues to run. Tested on both mine and my wife's iBooks with the same result.

Anyone else have the same experience?

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My iBook must have insomnia...
Authored by: dante_meow on Apr 29, '02 11:19:10AM

I dim my iBook 600Mhz and have no sleep - never seen this.

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My iBook must have insomnia...
Authored by: bsd on Apr 29, '02 08:39:12PM

Yeah, my combo drive ibook doesn't sleep when I dim the screen all the way. I also have the energy saver preferences set to separate timing for display and system sleep...

Lemme see something...

No, it has nothing to do with the energy saver settings. It must be the rev. iBook the guy has. Is it the original form factor? A 14"? Is it in Mac OS 9 maybe?

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dimming iBook != sleep
Authored by: jub on Apr 29, '02 05:52:10PM

i've dimmed my summer 2001 (dual USB) iBook many times in OS9 and 10.0.3->10.1.4, and it never goes to sleep, the screen is just black (the backlight is turned off).

maybe this is something only with earlier iBooks?

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dimming iBook != sleep
Authored by: scaryfish on Apr 30, '02 12:10:55AM

Nope. I've got an original iBook (tangerine) and the lowest setting using the brightness key turns off the screen (well actually it doesn't turn it off completely - it's black, but if you look real close you can still see stuff).

I seem to remember that under OS 9 it didn't do this - turning the brightness down to the lowest just lowered the brightness to the lowest value.

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dimming iBook != sleep
Authored by: tyrannous on Feb 10, '06 08:40:37AM

i used to have a G4 cube and i seem to remember being able to dim the screen with a hotkey or hot corner... i wish i could do that now on my Mac mini

I dont get it...

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