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Hiding an application-created folder Desktop
I have two partitions on my iBook's internal hard drive. 4GB for OSX and applications, 10GB for my Home directory. I've used NetInfo Manager to set the second partition as said Home directory and all is well. Almost.

BBEdit Lite seems to love making a Temporary Items folder in said Home directory every time I open it. I can delete it all I want, but the next time I want to edit some plain text, a stinking Temporary Items folder appears. This didn't happen in the past, when my Home directory was on the same partition as OSX. But it does now. So it must be stopped.

Because the folder is in my Home directory, I can't make it invisible using this hint. Instead, I did this:
  1. Download and install TinkerTool (linked in Hall of Fame box at left).
  2. Make it so that you can see all those pesky invisible files and folders.
  3. Duplicate one of the invisible folders in your home directory. Choosing one that's currently empty makes sense.
  4. Rename it "Temporary Items" (without the quote marks).
  5. Use TinkerTool again to make those invisible things invisible again.
Now BBEdit can use that folder all it wants and you don't have to put up with it invading your space anymore. Hoo-hah.

[Editor's note: As listed in the other hint's comments, I think SetFile would also work here, but I like this non-Terminal solution.]
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Another way...
Authored by: lngtones on Apr 27, '02 05:07:52PM

Another GUI way is to use SNAX and "Get Info" on the file/folder. Under the "other" tab there is a checkbox labeled "invisible." This will hide anything and it's hidden in the finder as well. Hope this helps!

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That hint
Authored by: aranor on Apr 28, '02 04:10:49PM

Actually, you can use that hint. Just edit ~/.hidden instead of /.hidden and put the name of the folder in there, then restart the finder. It should work fine.

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That hint
Authored by: aranor on Apr 28, '02 04:14:56PM

Oh nevermind. It doesn't work in the home folder. That's odd, and unexpected.

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Where is your home directory?
Authored by: a1291762 on Apr 28, '02 06:50:12PM

Is it in the root of the other partition? That is why you have problems...

I suspect that "Temporary Items" is a Carbon (also OS 9) location for storing temp files. If your home directory is the root of your partition (eg. /Volumes/Partition2) then that's why it's appearing in your "home" directory.

OS X's root partition has a .hidden file which should make sure that that file is not seen but that doesn't work with other partitions.

The solution is to move your home directory to a subfolder.

Ignore this if your home is already in a subfolder.

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Where is your home directory?
Authored by: megasad on May 01, '02 11:46:09PM

Like I said in the hint, my home directory *is* a partition all its own. So /Volumes/Swan/Desktop will take you to my desktop. I do this because I don't want all the folders I use on a regular basis to be hidden several levels deep on my hard drive; I want them in plain view. Makes it possible for me to CCC the drive, but leave the huge Music folder behind.

So my solution is good for me. However, I have noticed that if I boot into OS9, do some work, then boot back into OSX, the Temporary Items folder is visible once more. So don't boot into OS9.

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Authored by: megasad on May 01, '02 11:48:33PM

I saw the SetFile hint, and would have tried it if I could. Alas, I do not have the Developers Tools, and so could not.

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