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Full page keyboard scrolling in Internet Explorer Apps
Not sure if this has been mentioned before but for those of us running OSX on PowerBooks (at least the 1st rev Titaniums and earlier, since I know they swapped some keys on the 2nd rev Ti) there is a very helpful key command to scroll windows in IE: option plus up/down arrow which scrolls up/down one page.

This helps a lot because we don't have true page up and page down keys. The advertised key command involves the 'fn' key which is all the way on the left and the arrows which are all the way on the right. Grrrr.

Also, just in case people don't know, command plus the up/down arrow keys navigate to the top/bottom of the current page, and command plus the left/right arrow keys mimic the "back" and "forward" buttons.

[Editor's note: These keyboard shortcuts work on desktop machines as well, since they are features of IE itself.]
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Keyboard Navigation in OmniWeb
Authored by: Viridian on Apr 26, '02 09:28:46AM

The hints you gave for navigating IE using the keyboard work in OmniWeb as well. Thanks! I'm tired of having to reach for the "fn" key to use the arrow keys.

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Keyboard Navigation in OmniWeb
Authored by: rigmort on Apr 26, '02 10:46:09AM

I was totally confused until I thought back and remembered that the Rev1 TiBook had an option key on the right side. On my 667 it is replaced by the pre-TiBook "enter" key. However, most experienced Mac users work with their left hand on the keyboard anyway.

On my machine, function-arrow and option-arrow do the exact same thing. Good tip, though, I've been looking for the page-up for a while...

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SPACE bar too
Authored by: JB Cheong on Apr 26, '02 10:04:37AM

You can also hit the SPACE bar to page-down, and Option+SPACE to page-up.

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Flakey spacebar scroll
Authored by: gmachen on Apr 26, '02 08:35:02PM

About half the time after closing a second window or doing
a "Go Back" in the same window, the first application of the
spacebar scrolls upward instead of downward. Anyone else?
Any way to stop it? (It seemed to begin in IE 5.1.3 and continues
in 5.1.4.)

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Flakey spacebar scroll
Authored by: oem on Apr 28, '02 07:55:54AM

hit the space bar to scroll down and alt-space bar to scroll up. the 'command-left-right-up-down-arrows' works for other browsers too.
It's old stuff as it was in Os9.

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