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Use ImageMagick on OS X Server OS X Server
I'm running OSX as an internet server, and recently installed the killer blog app Movable Type (MT), an absolute poster child for server applications. MT uses ImageMagick, a very powerful, but, uh, tersely documented suite of command-line image-manipulation utilities to provide resizing and so forth for in-browser file uploads. Installing ImageMagick, or even finding comprehensible documentation on the installation process, is very difficult.

Read the rest of the article to see how I got it running on my system...

You'll need to have the Developer Tools installed as well as fink downloaded and installed, and to have a reasonably fast permanent connection to the net (which you do, since this is a server-oriented installation, right?). A quick step by step (how I did it, anyway - no promises, your mileage may vary, by reading this you indemnify my descendants from etc, etc):
  1. Run fink self-update - this will update fink and the associated packages.

  2. Run fink install imagemagick Take a break. On a 500 Mbps DSL line, it took my G3 server about twelve hours to complete this process.

  3. Edit the file (props to the everlovin' Peter N Lewis for this!):
    So that the top of the file says this:
    @@ -7720,6 +7720,28 @@
    # FIXME: insert proper C++ library support
    + darwin* | rhapsody*)
    + case "$host_os" in
    + rhapsody* | darwin1.[012])
    + allow_undefined_flag_CXX='-undefined suppress'
    + ;;
    + *) # Darwin 1.3 on
    + allow_undefined_flag_CXX='-flat_namespace -undefined suppress'
    + ;;
    + esac
    + with_x=no
    The changes are, as Peter Lewis points out in his original post:
    And add a line to disable X windows support (add the line with_x=no, and change the 27 to 28 on the first line of the patch hunk).
  4. Run fink rebuild imagemagick
    Run fink reinstall imagemagick
    [NOTE: these commands took very much less time than the initial effort.]

  5. Add the line use lib '/sw/lib/perl5/darwin'; to the perl that needs to access the imagemagick stuph.
Good Luck!

[Editor's note: I have not tested this hint!]
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installing imagemagick
Authored by: professor on Apr 25, '02 03:32:35AM

I installed imagemagick by downloading the source directly from

1)It didn't take no stinkin' 12 hours to download/compile (more like 12 minutes).
(Admittedly, I had previously installed libjpeg, libtiff, etc. but even that didn't take 12 hours.)
2)I got a more recent version, ImageMagick-5.4.4-5 instead of 5.4.1-3.
3)No extensive patching was required. The complete sequence (again, I had previously installed the supporting libraries like libjpeg, libtiff and libpng) was

tar xzf ImageMagick-5.4.4-5.tar.gz
cd ImageMagick-5.4.4
./configure --without-perl --without-x LDFLAGS=-L/sw/lib
sudo make install
cd PerlMagick
perl Makefile.PL
sudo make install

The best part of ImageMagick, IMHO is the PerlMagick interface, which lets you call ImageMagick methods from within Perl programs. Very cool stuff!

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Authored by: bhines on Apr 25, '02 06:32:30PM

Who wrote this? This tip is totally invalid. The fink package has been updated. configuire/make is not required. All that is needed is "fink install imagemagick". And what is with the first install command? Not needed in any case.

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Authored by: bhines on Apr 25, '02 06:36:57PM

Ah, nm i see the patch is to disable X. (but why?) Anyway, the first "fink install" is not needed. You can just edit the patch file then do fink install imagemagick.

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Authored by: mwhybark on Apr 28, '02 01:18:25AM

I'm the author.

I simply reported my step-by-step experience, with appropriate caveats. Without making the changes, it did not work. I have no idea why.

My objective in posting was to alow someone with similarly limited expertise be able to complete an IM install for OSX with perl available. As there were no pre-existing cookbook step-by-steps, I think my post should be helpful.

Unless of course, it's not.

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