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Upgrade a non-fink XFree86 installation UNIX
Last October, I wrote a beginner's guide to installing XFree86, fink and The Gimp on OS X (see this hint). At that time, it was easier to get the 'rootless' XFree86 installation outside of fink. Since October, the situation has changed and fink can now install the latest version of rootless XFree86. After stalling for quite a while, I decided it was time to upgrade my installed version.

Since I had originally installed XFree86 without the help of fink, I had to remove it that way as well. I intended, however, to use fink to install the newest version. Here's all I did to upgrade to the newest XFree86 release:
  1. Remove the two existing X11 directories with sudo rm -r /usr/X11R6 and sudo rm -r /etc/X11
  2. Remove the XDarwin application with sudo rm -r /Applications/
  3. Install the base Xfree86 installation with sudo apt-get install xfree86-base (41mb download)
  4. Install the rootless patch with sudo apt-get install xfree86-rootless (5mb download)
While the guide was useful at the time it was written, the advances in fink and XFree86 have made it much easier to install a rootless XFree86 server. If I were starting from scratch today, I'd simply install fink then XFree86 as shown above; there is no longer any need to install XFree86 separately (unless you wish to do it that way, of course).

[Site administrative aside: Due to a very early morning commitment at work on Wednesday, updates will be published in the evening, Pacific USA time.]
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Thanks for this hint!
Authored by: reg on Apr 24, '02 06:37:28AM

Since I had the same setup, I tried your hint.
Works like a charm!

Thanks a lot!

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I had less success.. help?
Authored by: ceevee on Apr 24, '02 02:02:58PM
First difference was when I tried to sudo rm /Applications/ ... it complained that it was a directory. So I added -r and it deleted it. Now, however, since I've deleted what I used to use to get into XFree86 (XDarwin), I'm unclear as to what I use to start XFree86 up. My guess is that it is xfree86-rootless (the last thing that is installed), but typing that in terminal (even after a rehash) gives me a "command not found." What might I be doing wrong, or not doing that I should be? Thanks.

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My bad...
Authored by: robg on Apr 24, '02 02:36:24PM

Whoops, left out the "-r" on the Applications removal; I've added it in now.

The last step in the process (sudo apt-get install xfree86-rootless) actually puts the XDarwin app back in your Applications folder; just go there in the GUI as usual and double-click to launch.


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My bad...
Authored by: el_barto_2002 on Apr 24, '02 04:02:16PM

I also had an old non-fink installation of Xfree, but after this update, is version 1.0.5 when the previous one is 1.1.

Both worked with this new fink installation.

Somebody knows why?


El Barto

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4.1 v 4.2
Authored by: Black on Apr 24, '02 11:18:40PM

You probably had a more recent version installed. I had a non-fink version 4.2 installed previously. I decided to switch to the fink install just to make future upgrades easier.

The binary version that you get through apt-get appears to be version 4.1.99. If you do a fink upgrade xfree86-base and fink upgrade xfree86-rootless it should download the sources and compile them for you. Of course I tried earlier today and all my attempts timed out. In theory, you can grab the sources from any of the XFree86 mirror sites and stick them in your /sw/src directory and fink will just use them instead. I haven't had the time to go and try oit yet.

Of course, it may be that we will see the 4.2 binaries in a couple of days.


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Saving the downloaded binaries?
Authored by: stuartbryson on Apr 25, '02 03:53:53AM

So if I do an apt-get install xfree86, can I save what it downloads? So if I want to install it elsewhere I don't have to download it again? Also, when I run the upgrade installer in future, will it just download the updates or all the files again?

Stuart. Who is still worried about Telstra's download limit!

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Authored by: osxpez on Apr 29, '02 05:09:37PM

I am probably the biggest fan of fink that you can find. Getting used to fink on my OS X box made me trash my Mandrake 8 on my GNU/Linux server and install Debian woody instead.

However I have found that the rootless XDarwin that works best for me is OroborOSX. Yes, it's a bit buggy at times, but it's worth it. It integrates nicely with Aqua.

You can always have both OroborOSX and the distribution that installs with fink. OroborOSX bundles it's own XDarwin.

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You find it here
Authored by: osxpez on Apr 29, '02 05:11:47PM

Thickhead me! I forgot to paste the URL:

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