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Add the trash can to the Finder toolbar Desktop
After messing around with SNAX as a Finder replacement, I noticed something that seemed reasonably doable in the Finder. I really liked having the trash in my SNAX toolbar. Why not see if it worked in the Finder? Sure enough, it worked.

Here's what I feel is the easiest way: Click the trash icon in the dock. When the window opens, click and hold on the title bar trash icon until it turns black, and then drag it into the toolbar. BOOM done. Now you can trash files in majorly shorter dragging distances.

[Editor's note: I can't believe this hasn't been published here before; I wrote about it in the OS X Solutions Guidebook! So I'm listing it for completeness sake, and apolgies if it's a duplicate. Of course, you can also use "Customize Toolbar" to add a "Delete" button to the toolbar, and then you can delete files with no dragging at all.]
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Am I missing something?
Authored by: soob on Apr 23, '02 11:28:18AM

I've seen tips and hints on many sites detailing different ways to drag your files to the trash. I'm glad there's so many ways to do so, but I have a question I hope somebody can shed some light on for me... why drag the files to the trash when you can cmd-delete them?

The majority of the time I trash files, I hit cmd-delete to do the job. Even if I'm in the middle of using my mouse to get stuff done, it's typically faster for me to let go of the mouse and press the keys than to drag the files to the trash.

Maybe my setup is unusual: the dock hiding is set to on and I typically cannot see the trash can on the desktop due to other open applications.

About the only time I do use the mouse to trash files is when I'm selecting many files in my download folder to decompress and I run across a file I just want to delete... I can drag the file to the trash without losing my current selections.

So, why do you drag files to the trash rather than using the keyboard shortcut?

Thanks, Jim (maybe I'm missing something that'll make my life a little easier)

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Am I missing something?
Authored by: DavidRavenMoon on Apr 24, '02 07:26:13PM

I was going to say this, but you beat me to it! I see so many people using the mouse for things, when the keyboard is much faster. People bemoan the loss of the powerkey to turn the Mac on, but the same people use the mouse to turn it off! (instead of control-eject to bring up the shutdown dialog)

Or take dragging removable disks to the trash.... Why? Command-E does the trick much faster! And you can use one hand.

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Am I missing something?
Authored by: theRegent on May 21, '02 11:37:10AM

I'm with y'all both regarding shut-down and trashing files.

I've been hitting the power key to shut down ever since it was introduced. Good to hear there IS a keyboard alternative for my iMac G4 with the power key on the back of the machine.


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OK how about this...
Authored by: Anonymous on Apr 24, '02 09:53:12PM

Suppose you manage thousands of image assets and you trash hundreds of files and then need to confirm by viewing whats in your trash before you smoke them, and suppose you have a 1600x1200 desktop. Now how do you get to trash to view them quickly? How about a trash can in the toolbar?

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OK how about this...
Authored by: soob on Apr 26, '02 11:04:16AM

I can totally see the benefit of having access to the Trash in the toolbar if *opening* the Trash is a regular occurence. But most (all?) of the tips/hints about putting the trash in the toolbar (or on the desktop) talk about how this will make *moving* files to the Trash easier.

I still don't see it.

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Does this work in 10.2?
Authored by: victory on Aug 26, '02 08:17:27AM

I found this to be really useful tip and it worked fine under 10.1, but I can't get it to work under 10.2. Has anyone been able to install the Trash icon under the Finder ToolBar in 10.2?

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Does this work in 10.2?- no it doesn't
Authored by: BigMark on Nov 23, '02 05:47:08AM

Yes, this worked fine for me in 10.1, and carried over into 10.2 and continued to work. For some reason this evening though, the equiv. of my Finder prefs was trashed and I had to customise my toolbar afresh.......its frustrating to find that I can no longer add the Trash to the toolbar. W. T. F....???

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