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Test drive Apple's beta webmail program Internet
Sometime in the last day or two, Apple added a public webmail beta program to the iTools home page. So what's that have to do with Marvin Martian seen at right? Keep reading...

The beta is probably the best implementation of a webmail system that I've yet seen, and I've tried a number of them (yahoo, webmail, and others). The clean interface is lifted from, but what makes the program so usable is the expanded feature set. You can create folders for storing mail, search for message content from the main page, easily select all messages, control how many messages are viewed per page, enable email forwarding and auto-replies, and check other POP mail accounts. These features alone make Apple's webmail program very useful ... and, of course, you can access it from a PC or a Mac (unlike iTools itself).

The truly unique feature, though, is its integration with As you may (or may not) know, you can associate images with various names in your address book, and future emails from those individuals will appear with their picture at the top of the email. The new Apple webmail program takes this one step further. You can now upload your image to be used on mail you send from webmail, which is a nice touch.

What's more interesting is that running locally in OS X has some interaction with the compilation of public images on the webmail server. If you use and receive mail from someone who has their image stored on the webmail server, you will see their picture in the email. Previously, you would have needed to have that image saved locally first in your Address Book application.

Give the webmail beta a try if you're looking for a good way to check your email ( and other POP accounts) from anywhere. And upload an image if you'd like to let everyone know what you look like; I've included mine on this post so you can recognize future emails from me ... hey, nobody said you had to use your actual photo!
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Apple Web Mail
Authored by: mnewman on Apr 18, '02 06:01:25PM

It would be a whole lot more useful if you could either upload or sync your address book....

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Need Exploder or Nerdscape? weak
Authored by: redplague on Apr 19, '02 08:14:55AM

This doesn't appear to be OmniWeb compatible.
I can get to my inbox, but trying to read a message just takes me to a page that says my session has timed out.
I mean, really, just because it's webmail shouldn't mean I have to resort to using Microsoft crapware or outdated, ugly Navigator.

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Need Exploder or Nerdscape? weak
Authored by: FlyBoy on Apr 19, '02 09:38:16AM

I'm using the OmniWeb 4.1beta4 release and am able to use Webmail.

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Need Exploder or Nerdscape? weak
Authored by: rocteur on Apr 20, '02 04:14:57AM

I'm running OmniWeb 4.1 Beta 4 and have NO problems with WebMail, I was able to log in, read my mails and send a mail..

Perhaps your version of OmniWeb is not the latest ???

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Need Exploder or Nerdscape? weak
Authored by: redplague on Apr 20, '02 06:50:49AM

Actually, I had been using beta2, which worked fine for everything else.
Getting beta4 now.

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What about Entourage?
Authored by: greggomer on Apr 19, '02 11:10:23PM

This is so cool! What a great web mail program. Anyone know if there is any way to get the pictures to work when you open the Mail in Entourage? Or will that only work in

What about setting up Entourage to display the pictures of users who you recieve email from. I know the address book in Entourage can store the pictures. It would be cool if it could have the same functionality that the Webmail does.

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doesn't work
Authored by: wench on Apr 20, '02 03:12:07AM

It doesn't work for me, but then neither does adding pictures to my address book.
Is there a setting somewhere that toggles this display? I can't find anything and am sure that Address Book pictures worked some time ago.

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Doesn't work on Windows ;-)
Authored by: msciascia on Apr 29, '02 07:14:04PM

Yesterday I was at friend's home and *unfortunately* I had to use his Windows PC running Windows 98 se.
When I tried to check my mails through webmail I got a message saying something like an Apple Computer was needed and there was a link to the Apple Store ;-)))
Did somebody else experienced this? I read the FAQ on iTools web site and there is written that it should be possible to check e-mails from a Windows PC.
Did anyone else experienced something like this?

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Doesn't work on Windows ;-)
Authored by: ygor on Jun 17, '02 03:23:34PM

Roger that. The current interface requires a Mac.
Not useful to us who are not fortunate enough to have Macs in our workplace.

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