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After trying to set up on the first day I had my new iMac and finding that the "Get Mail" button didn't work, I didn't think a whole lot about it and just used Mozilla Mail instead. I looked into a few times over the next several weeks, editing my preferences, trying various different combinations, reading up on ports, comparing Mail's settings to my settings in Mozilla Mail on this machine as well as my others, all to no avail. would not download any of my mail.

I then went looking at Mac OS X Support at in the section and found quite a few people who had posted problems that sounded an awful lot like mine; one even went so far as to clue me in to the fact that a username with a slash in it (in my case might be the issue.

In Mail's account preferences dialog box, there is an account option that has an uneditable text field that told me my local mail folder was created based on my user name (the one with the slash in it) and, being a long time 'NIX user, got suspicious (especially after I navigated to the Library/Mail directory in my home directory and didn't see the folder in question at all).

To make a long story short, after searching online and in other various places for upwards of two hours, I created a new Mail account and just called it "evan" with a username of evan. This action automatically created the correctly named folder, and finally, I edited my username to include the slash and suddenly, my inbox filled up. All is now fine, and I've switched from Mozilla's mail to due to the nicer interface and easier deletion of messages.
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Names with spaces in them
Authored by: BonZeb on Apr 18, '02 07:34:33PM

Names with spaces in them don't work either, although
the preferences panel refuses to accept them. I find
it amusing that I'm trying to connect to a MS mail server
where I work.

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Names with spaces in them
Authored by: evanrose on Apr 18, '02 11:23:12PM

They sure will, just follow the instructions I outlined in the original post. Create the account without spaces, click ok, then edit the username to add the space. The issue isn't the username, it's the local mail folder creation.

What would be interesting would be if you tried to creat your username like this: "user name". Give those a whirl and you should be fine.


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