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Desktop cleanup reduces Finder switch delay? Desktop
An anonymous tipster submitted the following a few days ago:
I found today that I could get rid of the dreaded spinning technicolor ball whenever I switched to the Finder by moving all the zillions of files on my desktop to a folder on my desktop. Now I don't get the spinning wheel when I go the the Finder!
I'm posting this hint in the hopes that others may be able to validate its functionality. As a rule, I keep very little stuff on the desktop, and I've never experienced a delay when switching to the Finder. But I'm not sure those two things are related.

As an experiment last night, I added literally 100 or so aliased items to my desktop and then spent some time using the system. The result? No change. I tried this on both a G4 tower and our 2001 iBook/500, and neither system seemed bothered by a large number of aliases on the desktop. I'm not sure if results will differ with actual files instead of aliases, but I'm not going to move that many actual objects out to my desktop to find out.

So how about it? Is this tip true? Can a loaded desktop cause the spinning cursor when switching to the Finder? Anyone care to test it out for themselves and post their results? I went zero for two in my testing, but maybe I missed something.
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Desktop cleanup reduces Finder switch delay? | 4 comments | Create New Account
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Yep, it's true.
Authored by: Vanish on Apr 17, '02 12:02:28PM

I too keep a clean dektop. I'm rather anal about it, truly. Twice now, however, after rebuilding my OS (dont' ask why. Those are two different stories), Internet preferences default to the desktop for downloads. On both occassions I had downloaded a slew of updates and freeware all at once, with Stuffit mercilessly extracting the files from the archives but leaving the archive in tact on the desktop as well. I had enough files on there that seeing the default desktop picture was nearly impossible. Click out of a program to the Finder. Colorwheeling hell. Swith to other apps and all is well. Switch back to the Finder, colorwheel hell. Remove the smattering of files on the dektop, and no more colorwheel.

It truly does make a difference. I would assume due to the Finder tryig to show all of those aliases of files from your desktop folder as non-aliased files on your desktop, or some odd thing as such.

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Authored by: Anonymous on Apr 17, '02 12:33:58PM

This hint is indeed true, since i like to have an Empty desktop (no disks, no nothing) But due to an directory download through FTP, my desktop became populated with about 80 small files. When i switched to the finder then, my finder stalled for about 60 seconds. after removal of these files, switching became swift again ..


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Authored by: ihafro on Apr 17, '02 11:31:57PM

I get the same thing. I have my downloads go to another folder, but I like to have somethings on the desktop. I've just gotten in the habbit of clicking in the finder in the middle of a d/l and then going back into the other program. Also, this only happens either when you first refresh the finder desktop (by clicking on it) or if you make a large change to the placement of the folders (such as removing say....10 items)

My $.02, it think it has to do with the fact that the finder doesn't update in the background like OS9 did. Since it doesn't do the updates in spurts, you get one big long wait instead of a few small waits. Anybody else want to wager a guess?

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Worse yet
Authored by: WillyT on Apr 18, '02 09:42:22AM

If you have arrange by kind selected it may take a minute or longer for a big bunch of files and folders.

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