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About the recent (lack of) site speed Site News
The last week or so, you may have noticed that things have gotten a bit slow around here, relative to page loading. The load on continues to grow (daily data transfer is in excess of 1.5gb on average!), and it's putting some stress on the current server and database. There are some things in the works, though, that should help improve the situation in the near future:
  • We're moving to a faster machine. Sometime in the next couple of weeks, we'll be relocated from our current box to a notably faster one with lower loads.
  • A long-awaited Geeklog upgrade. The 1.35 version of Geeklog is now at release candidate stage, so it should be out shortly. I have been waiting on this for quite a while, and should finally be able to upgrade from Geeklog 1.1.
  • Some database structure changes. We think we can bump the speed a bit by chaning a couple of tables, but we'll probably hold off on this until after the Geeklog upgrade, to see if that addresses the problems by itself.
  • We're hiring more pigeons -- just like google, we've determined that pigeons are the real key to site speed.
OK, so that last one probably won't happen. But I am trying to find ways to improve the speed, as it bothers me just as much as it does all of you!

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Hardware config?
Authored by: paalb on Apr 16, '02 10:54:20AM

So what is your new hardware configuration?
Do you use RAID?
I have very good expirience with fast RAID-SCSI card on Linux and sybase database.

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My most wanted speed increase
Authored by: CaptCosmic on Apr 16, '02 03:29:39PM

My biggest speed complaint about the side is the amount of time it takes the web browser to render the HTML. Simplifying the HTML would not only speed up render times on the browser, but would reduce the network traffic as less data has to be sent.

Just my two cents worth.

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New Geeklog will help...
Authored by: robg on Apr 16, '02 06:36:50PM

The new Geeklog release should help a bit, as the HTML code has been substantially cleaned up. However, the general layout of the page requires a series of multiple sub tables which will never render as quickly as a page of plain text. I'm hoping the combination of the new server, the new Geeklog engine, and some caching work will make the rendering time a moot point.


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New Geeklog will help...
Authored by: Anonymous on Apr 16, '02 11:10:31PM

one thing you might take a look at [if you haven't already], is the number of db queries that GL makes within the body of the page. I was able to speed up substantially by removing several queries that appeared in loops within PHP. i found some instances where a single page was making 50+ db queries. most of this is related to the counts of comments, posts, etc. multiply that 50 times a dozen concurrent hits, and you've got a recipe for disaster!

the new GL may very well fix this [i haven't been paying much attention lately], but if not, this is a good way to both lower your server load and speed up the page loads.


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Lack of speed?
Authored by: jpiccolo on Apr 16, '02 11:09:49PM

I think the abundance of content here makes the "lack of speed" completely forgiveable! This site is awesome! Lots of information...I could spend days trying out all the cool stuff! I haven't really noticed a speed problem though. Keep up the good work Rob!


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Authored by: J0l on Apr 17, '02 07:53:36AM

Sounds good, might i ask that you post the methods used in your update; what will be interesting is how you update /public_html/layout as I have a geeklog site (1.3.1) that I'm planning on updating and it would be interesting to compare/see the method used.

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Lack of Speed
Authored by: ihafro on Apr 17, '02 11:40:20PM

?????? Maybe I'm just special, but I really haven't noticed a drop in speed. But then again, I'm to busy looking at the pretty words ;)

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Authored by: aranor on Apr 18, '02 11:09:33PM

Hehe. That pigeonrank page was pretty funny. I liked how in the searches linked on the page, the pigeonrank page came up first :)

How'd you find that page?

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