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Tips for a successful Palm Hotsync on a Beige G3 Apps
I don't know if this is really a hint or not but since I have been struggling with my Palm IIIx and Palm Desktop since its beta, I thought I would post my final findings in case it may help others.

I have a Palm iiix and a Beige G3/266 overclocked to 300 running OS X 10.1.3, with a Palm USB to serial and Palm Hotsync cable. My problem from the beta on has been that I get one hotsync that takes forever (I clocked it at 30+ minutes) or I cancel it. Then I can't hotsync again. Of course, serial syncing is not possible on this machine, another story.

Last night after my second consecutive completed hotsync in two days, I discovered something. Using the Palm USB cable and the desktop software, there is no setting for speed. However on the Palm side, if you change your settings to 115k and, this is the key, flow control to ON (not OFF and not AUTO), the hotsync connects quickly and efficiently. I have not yet sent this note to Palm but I think I will shortly.

I hope this helps the others out there who have been having problems with Palm hotsyncs in OS X.
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Serial Works on My Beige G3
Authored by: CyborgSam on Apr 16, '02 04:54:32PM

The documentation for the 4.0 release says serial does not work. It did not work for me in the betas, but it works fine for me in the release version.

My G3 has a Belkin 2 port USB card, USB stuff works fine in X and 9 except for the Handspring Cradle. In 9.2.2 the Apple System Profiler reported:
USL - Obsolete funtion, USBOpenPipe, called 75577483
USL - Stalling pipe 1174722578

I couldn't get my USB cradle to work at all, I tried the flow control settings that worked for you. Mine always hung up after a certain amount of time or data.

Beige G3/MT/300, 512MB RAM, X 10.1.3, 9.2.2, Belkin USB, and Firewire added.


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Experience with iBook SE
Authored by: MarkProgrammer on Apr 20, '02 10:27:29AM

I followed the advice in this tip, and I just wanted to say "Thanks!" I haven't been able to sync properly since I downloaded Palm Desktop for OSX, and it was really nice to finally be able to back up my files... a great load off my mind :)

Afer the HotSync operation completed, the dialog box popped up saying an error occured and some data was not backed up. Unfortunately, the HotSync Conduit Manager then hung indefinitely and I had to kill it; however, groveling through the log files revealed that all my data had indeed been backed up. However, synchronization did not occur with my Desktop files because of what appeared to be file-type mismatch errors; maybe Palm changed their file formats from 9 to X? In any event, the actual backup occured, so everything's great!

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