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Asteroids ... Crystal Castles ... Donkey Kong ... Pac Man ... Missile Command ... Space Invaders. If the previous words have no meaning for you, then you'll probably just want to skip this article. But if some of those words bring back fond memories of a wasted youth, then you need MacMAME. MacMAME can play those games, and hundreds more, perfectly. You won't be playing a close approximation of the game, but the actual game itself! And thanks to the OpenGL plug-in (make sure you download it), the games will look much better than they ever did when you played them in the arcades. How does MacMAME play the actual game? By using the actual game's ROM (the code for the program), and these are not included with MacMAME (for obvious reasons).

This, of course, is a problem. Technically, you'll have to own a full-size version of each game that you wish to play ... and you'll have to find a way to dump the machine's ROM to a media that you can read on your Mac. All this because the game manufacturers won't come up with a ROM licensing scheme -- despite the fact that they would make much more money on licensing than they do on the games - which is basically $0, given that most have long since died out. So if you don't own the game, you have no easy means to play it legally...

I leave it as an exercise to the reader to decide for themselves how, if at all, they will acquire ROMs to use with MacMAME.
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