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Completely hide unwanted software updates System
Ever since Apple posted the Language support updates, I've been annoyed because they always pop up but I don't want to install them. I did find a hint here explaining about how you can make an update "inactive" simply by selecting it and selecting "Make Update Inactive" (or something similar) in the menu. It worked somewhat. Unfortunately, when you do that and tehn initiate an update, it will pop a dialog saying there are no new updates but there are some "hidden" updates. Better, but still annoying to me. I wanted that nice message "Your software is up to date" to come up ... nothing else! I find that very satisfying (sad, I know).

One solution, obviously, was to install the updates. But that's just a waste of resources.

So my solution was to go into /Library/Receipts/ and create a new folder for each update I wanted to make "disappear" and name each folder after each language. For example, for the "Brazilian Portuguese Language" update, I created a folder called "BrazilianPortuguese.pkg". Just take the name of the languge (leave out the words "language" and "support"), remove the spaces and append .pkg to it. Tada! No more update! Also, if you have them "inactive" and want to do this, please "activate" them before you do. I had some problems when I didn't. If you don't like the result or want to use one of those updates later, just delete the folder/package.

Hope this comes in handy to some people. I'm happy because my "Software is up to date!" :)

[Editor's note: Untested here, but it makes sense when you look at /Library/Receipts.]
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Authored by: litedoctor on Apr 12, '02 09:17:35AM

I never looked at this folder before, all my old installers are in there?

Mine is up to 11MB, I wonder if I should just replace all of the packages with empty folders to save a little space....

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Re: Receipts
Authored by: vrosso on Apr 13, '02 03:15:02PM

Personally, I wouldn't do that.

I don't think those receipts are the full installation packages for the updates. My guess is that they contain info for future updates. Some of the packages seem too small to be the full installation, but I never really checked for consistency.

Then again, I might be wrong and it's perfectly safe.

In fact, that got me thinking...if ever Apple releases an update to the Danish language or something, my "hack" may cause a problem for the updater.
Oh well, I guess I'll find out if it does. :)


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Authored by: Dogcow on Apr 12, '02 03:11:57PM
This has always bugged me also. Thank you so much!!! -Dogcow "moof!" Visit The Underground

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AirPort Software Unsuccessful
Authored by: thatch on Apr 12, '02 03:15:05PM

This hint worked well for all my various language updates. But I was unable to get rid of the one called AirPort Software 2.0.2. I don't use AirPort but already have an install of Airport 2.0 which is probably part of the problem. It is named just AirPort.pkg.

I tried naming the new package file as AirPortSoftware.pkg but that didn't do it. I also tried naming to AirPort2.0.2.pkg, AirPortUpdate.pkg, and AirPort1.pkg but no go.

I wouldn't mind getting rid of the first AirPort 2.0 install too but have memories of trying to do so and having some system problems from it which required a restore from backup. I think I had trashed the AirPort.pkg file back then.

Any suggestions on how to get rid of one or both would be appreciated.

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Re: AirPort Software Unsuccessful
Authored by: vrosso on Apr 13, '02 03:08:02PM

Try AirportDriverUpdate.pkg

I have it installed even though I don't have Airport. This was before the language updates appeared and it was small enough that I didn't care.


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Re: AirPort Software Unsuccessful
Authored by: Anonymous on Apr 13, '02 04:18:36PM

Nope, that didn't work. I, also would like to get rid of this one as I don't have an Airport card and don't want to have to restart my computer if I don't have to.

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The files aren't there
Authored by: crazy_canuck on Apr 12, '02 06:32:50PM

I have made all the unwanted updates Active and I can't find the files there.
Could you please tell me to do :(

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Create Folders
Authored by: RichB on Apr 13, '02 06:23:37AM
Because the files aren't there Software Update knows you don't have those updates. By creating an empty folder it tricks it into thinking it's installed already. Brilliant!

Seems like it should be an easy thing for Apple to program into a button like "Permanently Inactivate This Item."

Each of my 8 folders warned about the ".pkg" extension. Finder took a while to diplay the name properly but immediately displayed the package icon instead of a folder.

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Create Folders
Authored by: vrosso on Apr 13, '02 03:01:09PM

Yeah, I would of thought Apple would of included that feature. I'm thinking maybe they're afraid that people will forget they permanently deactivated an update. They want to keep things friendly.

That's one thing Microsoft has done right. Their automatic update lets you do this pretty easily.


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The files aren't there
Authored by: vrosso on Apr 13, '02 02:57:53PM

That's because you need to CREATE the files:
1. Go to /Library/Receipts/
2. Create a new folder.
3. Rename that folder to "<language>.pkg" (without the quotes) where <language> is the name of one of the languages (ex. "Brazilian Portuguese" or "Italian", again without the quotes)
If you do it right, a dialog will pop up asking you if you really want to add the .pkg extension. Say yes.
4. Repeat for each language.

Hope this helps.


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Re: The files aren't there
Authored by: prime on Apr 13, '02 03:12:09PM
Read the first post! It says that you need to make the files. So of course they're not there! Create a folder in the /Library/Receipts/ directory named the language you wish to no longer see in Software Update + a "pkg" extension (such as "TraditionalChinese.pkg").

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Authored by: twalkabout on Apr 14, '02 06:37:27PM

That was bugging me too. This worked perfectly. I wonder why Apple is still insisting on those updates? I think they removed some other languages after a certain amount of time. I mean, how many people really want that many languages always accessable on their computer?

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Authored by: _merlin on Apr 14, '02 07:36:54PM

I need to have Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian on my computer. I'm sure plenty of people need a lot of languages. Posting these updates on software update has been the best thing apple has done for OS X. I campaigned long and hard to get the Asian language updates posted. It drove me crazy having to switch to Classic for Chinese and Korean support.

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Software Update problem
Authored by: delmarh on Apr 20, '02 09:02:14AM

While trying to obtain to latest 10.1.4 update, Software Update claims it is unable to connect to the Internet. I am able to surf, send/rec email, listen to streaming MP3 in iTunes, etc. The only system changes made since the last Software Update was I followed the hint to remove unwanted language update reminders by creating the appropriate file in the /Library folder.
Any ideas?

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