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Prevent apps from launching the Finder System
If you're a SNAX user (like me) who has set SNAX to be your default file browser with the modification (like me), then you probably get annoyed when apps like OmniWeb launch the Finder every time you download a file or do whatever. The fix for this is simple. Go to the following path:
Be sure to choose the correct Finder (the one that's over 4mb and version 10.1.2, not the 4K dummy Finder). Now do a "Show Package Contents" (control-click) on it. Navigate to
Using XRay, get info on the file Finder. Now simply turn off the execute permissions for the owner, group and world. That's it.

Whenever you download a file from OmniWeb, the Finder will try and launch, but it won't succeed (I have the launch animation disabled, but the little arrow comes up once and then goes away). Now, your Finder will only launch when you want it to. To get it to launch, just give the permissions back.

[Editor's note: I haven't tried this myself, and if you don't have XRay, you'll have to use the Terminal to access these settings.]
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Can you really replace the Finder?
Authored by: Gwenhiver on Apr 12, '02 10:56:59AM
I've been using SNAX for a few weeks now, and I've even been trying to make it the Finder replacement once. But I found I do need the Finder's copy/paste icon and "Connect to Server…" features.
Did you find some workarounds to have them in SNAX? Currently, I have the two "finders" launched simultaneously, and though I use SNAX most of the time, I sometimes have to switch to the real Finder.

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Can you really replace the Finder?
Authored by: kedward on Apr 12, '02 01:44:22PM

SXAN has a Copy, and a Move To command that are very nice, you might look into those for a copy and paste alternative. as for Connect to Server, yea with just SNAX you are SOL. i have talked to the developer about that problem, and he has not come accross documentation on how to impliment Connect to Server. if you have server favorits saved, they will work. but thats it.

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Can you really replace the Finder?
Authored by: Gwenhiver on Apr 12, '02 06:06:56PM
Yeah, I know SNAX's Move and Copy are better than the Finder's. But what I meant was the copy/paste icon feature. You know, through the Get Info window… You can then have custom icons on your files/folders.

As for Connect to Server…, maybe I should make a favorite, indeed. Anyways, I just connect once in a while to an iBook, so it doesn't really matter.

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Yes, you can.
Authored by: Durandal on Apr 12, '02 03:54:26PM

What you can do is mount all the shares that you want, quit the Finder, and then launch SNAX. SNAX will show the shares as mounted, and you can drag them into your toolbar. This is what I've done with my iDisk.
You could also see if there are any third party applications that let you mount AppleTalk shares. There are apps like that for SMB shares, I know that. You could also look for instructions on how to mount shares or connect to AppleTalk via the Terminal.
As for the Finder's copy/paste features, SNAX's file management is vastly superior. If you want to move a file, just use the Move command, which brings down a sheet asking you to navigate to the destination folder. You can also use the Copy To and Duplicate commands to achieve similar results. SNAX also has spring-loaded folders, and its icon view is much better than the Finder's, especially when you utilize the path display bar beneath the toolbar, which is also spring-loaded.
Hope this helps. The only reason the Finder is still around is because, for some reason, theme switching applications require it to be running.

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a little warning about this hint.
Authored by: marcv on May 09, '02 08:43:39AM

i disabled the Finder to startup, following this hint, but then i found out that SNAX is passing it's empty trash command on to the Finder.
If I choose Empty Trash some disk grinding goes on, but nothing gets deleted. Guess I have to find another
utility to empty the trash. Suggestions?
BTW, I think you shouldn't disable Execute permissions for Owner, Group and World, only for Group
(if you're using an Admin account)

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delete instead
Authored by: hombre on Jul 18, '02 07:43:38PM

If you use SNAX's delete command (rather than move to trash), then you won't have to empty it. The SNAX delete command appears to be an execution of the unix command rm, while "secure delete" appears to be rm -P. Alternatively, you can move a file to the trash, and then later delete it from the trash, which will not call the finder. Bear in mind that when you click on the trash icon in the SNAX toolbar, you only get a look at .Trash, whereas the Finder's trash view will also show you the stuff in the various .Trashes. BTW, I found it convenient to remap the SNAX delete command to cmd-forward-delete, and I edited the delete dialog pane so that <return> invokes <normal delete> while <esc> cancels, just in case you are, like me, lazy, and willing to live dangerously.

I have tried the various replace-the-finder methods, but they have not proved very useful because 1) command-clicking a dock item does not reveal the item in SNAX (although launchbar performs the task nicely), and 2) contextual-menu items like zinggg don't work. If anyone has figured these out, I would love to hear of it.

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