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A reason to launch Java Web Start Internet
OS X 10.1 brought Java WebStart to our X world ... "Ok, but why do I care?" you might ask. Java Web Start enables the latest Java applications to be run using a single mouse click (yes, zero config!) on your Mac box thru the JNLP specification (using XML & HTTP).

Technology is great but real things are better, so on UP2GO.NET you will get nearly a hundred applications. This site also offers ratings, spot light, 10 best, user ratings and comments. The site is still under construction but ideas seem to be welcomed.

[Editor's note: I admit I had hardly touched Java Web Start until I got this hint. Many of the apps on the site will not run (I tried quite a few), but a good number do run when clicked in Mozilla. When the download window pops up, just make sure "Open with Java Web Start" is selected and everything should be automatic. One of the more impressive things to see running was JavaZOOM, a clone of the WinAmp MP3 player. It loaded and played my MP3s, although its CPU utilization is notably higher than that of iTunes ;-).

One note of caution - when you launch some of these programs, you are giving them full permission to access your machine. They could do malicious things to your system without your knowledge. I stuck to apps that had an editor's review, and made sure I had a good backup prior to experimenting. With that warning stated, I don't expect that anything on the site is malicious.

There may be other sites with collections of Java Web Start apps on them, but I haven't seen any other than this one.]
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You can double-click .jar files
Authored by: sjonke on Apr 11, '02 11:08:19AM

I don't believe you could do this in earlier versions of OS X, but at least in 10.1.3, I find that if a Java application comes in the form of a .jar file, all you have to do is double-click it in the Finder and it will launch and run.

Note that Java Web Start is different in more than simply how apps are launched: it will download and then run applications. The next time your run it, if it's already the latest version, it will just run the copy you have, but if there's an update available for the program, it will download the update and then run it. I.e. you always have and run the most recent version of the program.

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WebStart supports trust
Authored by: bsletten on Apr 12, '02 11:24:04AM

By default, all WebStart-run apps are untrustted and run in a sandbox. So it isn't entirely true that all WebStart-run apps have complete control of your system. Signed jars from "trusted" sources can be given complete control.

See section 5 of the JNLP spec:

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