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Hide volume names in the Finder Desktop
An anonymous tipster submitted the following:
Like many of you, I wanted to move my virtual memory to a separate partition. I didn't, however, want to have it show up on my desktop. I thought maybe the convention of putting a period at the beginning of the Volume name would hide it. Sure enough, it works like a charm. To rename the volume though, I did have to boot into OS 9 as well as use a mv command in /Volumes.
Although this probably works as described (I have not tested it myself), you may find it easier and a bit safer to simply toggle the visible bit of the volume in question. You can do this with one Terminal command if you have the Developer Tools installed:
  % sudo SetFile -a V /Volumes/volume_to_hide
The next time your Finder is updated, the volume will vanish. If you want it back, just reissue the same command with a lowercase 'v' instead. No rebooting into OS 9 and no physical renaming required. There may well be some GUI tools which do this as well (XRay?).

I'm not sure if there are any downsides to invisible volumes...
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Swap Partition
Authored by: swelshh on Apr 11, '02 11:02:08AM

I used this method to make my swap partition invisible. Bad idea. After a restart I couldn't boot, ended up re-installing.

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Swap Partition
Authored by: WillyT on Apr 11, '02 06:34:28PM

Don't rename swap partition without changing its name in the rc script. I have had the system fail to find the swap partition on several reboots but it never kept it from booting up. I prefer to keep it visible so I can take a quick peek and see that it mounted properly after a reboot. Just check that the swapfile date and time match the reboot.

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Authored by: nycdewd on Apr 13, '02 10:09:19AM

I suppose it would be just all too easy to go to the Finder preferences and UNcheck the "Hard Disks" selection under the "Show these items on the Desktop:" heading? (that also hides your volumes/partitions). I have several HD's and volumes (partitions) that would be on my desktop if I did not have the Finder preferences set to not show them. My desktop is wonderfully bare. I even use the "automatically hide and show the Dock" feature. Go figure.


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re: hmm...
Authored by: klez23 on Apr 27, '02 04:41:02AM

the author only wanted to hide one volume, not all of them. sarcastic much?

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how to
Authored by: theNonsuch on Apr 13, '02 01:53:39PM

Okay, so the question then is, how do you do the reverse and make invisibile volumes visible again?

I followed this to hide Audo CDs on the desktop, and now would like to have them appear... but I can't seem to figure out how to make them visible again (mounting a CD and then using Xray didn't work).


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how to
Authored by: WillyT on Apr 14, '02 12:01:14PM

Just use the lower case v switch instead of Upper case V.
% sudo SetFile -a v /Volumes/volume_to_unhide

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how to
Authored by: theNonsuch on Apr 24, '02 01:23:17AM

Thanks. I was starting to really get frustrated...


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