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Connect to a Windows-based VPN Network
When I found out that Apple did not include a PPTP VPN client with OS X, I was a bit disappointed. Sure, Cisco provides a VPN client for those using a Cisco VPN, but what about us folks using a Windows VPN server?

After a bit of searching, I found PiePants, a PPTP client made by Rob Newberry. It works perfectly with my Windows 2000 VPN server. Take a look at it if you need Windows VPN connectivity.

[Editor's note: I have not tried this program myself, but thought it might be of interest to some readers.]
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Works well
Authored by: zadig on Apr 09, '02 08:42:10AM

I've used PiePants (stupid name, good product) to connect to my office VPN server (Windows NT 4) with good results. The only problem I've run into is that I can't get PiePants to even connect if Classic mode is active. (The author warns that classic apps can't use the VPN connection, but my problem goes beyond that... I wouldn't mind that they can't use it, but shutting down classic each time I need to VPN to work is kind of a pain.)

Other than that, it works well, and I recommend it (especially because it's the only OS X solution for PPTP VPN connections at the moment).

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Not only solution...
Authored by: MattHaffner on Apr 09, '02 11:22:58AM
(especially because it's the only OS X solution for PPTP VPN connections at the moment)
This has been around for quite a while and also works well for me, although it only supports unencrypted connections: It allows Classic apps to use the network connection as well because it uses the PPP kernel modules instead of running it's own daemon. The author is supposedly working on similar product that supports encryption, but the 'beta coming soon' sign has been up a long time:

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Authored by: neider on Apr 09, '02 08:43:29AM

Thank you exactly what I needed!

Now on my list of remaining things are:

Free IPSec client
free IPsec server (Is there an S/Wan port for OS X)

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I like PiePants, too, but....
Authored by: alajuela on Apr 09, '02 07:50:25PM

PiePants is cool, and unlike the previous poster, I have no trouble getting a connection while Classic is running. But it is true that Classic apps cannot use the tunnel you create. This makes PiePants less useful for me, because I only have two needs: access to our intranet while away from the office and accessing my company's Microsoft Exchange server with Outlook.....which runs in Classic.

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Wait a minute
Authored by: tomem on Apr 09, '02 08:58:02PM

Isn't the idea to adopt an internet standard file sharing protocol, so everyone can use it? The Mac shouldn't have to support every cockamamie file sharing protocol that comes along. Try FTP. You'll like it.


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Wait a minute
Authored by: chowda on Apr 09, '02 10:16:08PM

FTP doesn't get through my firewall... and it's been known to cause cancer in 8 out of 10 lab rats...

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Wait a minute
Authored by: George Frederick on Apr 18, '02 03:22:41PM


I don't think you understand the importance of having an OS X vpn client.

Many, many people telecommute, for these folks Mac OS X hasn't been a real option because there was no way to access their work network.

FTP not only isn't a solution, it isn't secure either. Your passwords and usernames are transmitted in the clear, where anyone can intercept them and hijack your account -- compromising your network security.

That's why so many corporations have vpn in the first place (V = Virtual, P=Private, N=Network).

I gave up on the Mac in 1996. I've played around with OS X some since it came out last year.

I really, really like it.

But I've never seriously considered giving up my Windows box because there was no way to access the work vpn.

If this product can do what it promises, that may change very quickly.

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Try DigiTunnel
Authored by: spikehed on Apr 11, '02 04:39:57PM

I was having problems getting routes to our Astaro Secure Linux (free to non-profit VPN server) using PiePants. Recently another VPN client has been released from Gracion Software named DigiTunnel ( DigiTunnel worked allot better for me than PiePants. It also gives you the ability to add your Intranet's routes through the PrefPane without having to go to the Terminal and using the CLI...

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Try DigiTunnel
Authored by: George Frederick on Apr 18, '02 03:26:55PM

I tried it. I didn't work for me. (DigiTunnel, that is)

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PieAnts - removal
Authored by: rripley on Oct 09, '02 12:59:52AM

so, how do i remove PieAnts from my powerbook? I've installed it, it complained about tunnel.kext.... I want to remove and then re-install

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kext problems under Jaguar?
Authored by: runtimelogic on Nov 22, '02 01:59:49PM

I just downloaded and tried to connect to my office VPN with PiePants, and ran into the issue where kextload fails to load the packaged tunnel.kext when trying to connect. I wonder if this is a problem with tunnel.kext not working under Jaguar? If this is the case, then I assume development on this product has stopped? What are the other options, short of setting up VPN access at the BSD level?

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