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How to sync your Handspring Visor via IrDA Apps
As a follow up to the Palm IRSync hint, I have information on how to get your Handspring Visor or Visor Deluxe to IR sync in OS X.

First, go to Palm's IR Enhancement download site and download the IR Enhancement package in zip format (to make it easier to open). Expand it on the desktop (or wherever) and install Serialirpnl.prc and Serircommlib.prc to your Visor via the USB Cradle.

Next, download the beam sync enabler package. It includes a more descriptive text file that explains everything in it. Expand the package and install bsync-e.prc onto your Visor.

Restart the Visor when prompted and go into your Preferences panel. Turn on Beam Sync-ing and follow the rest of the original tip on doing IRSyncs with Palm Desktop 4.0!
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Applicable to Visors with Palm OS 3.1
Authored by: calroth on Apr 08, '02 06:03:04AM

I suspect that this hint is only applicable to Visors with Palm OS 3.1, which would predominantly be the Visor Deluxe? As far as I know, other Visors with Palm OS 3.5 have infrared sync built in. (I've never actually performed an IR sync though, let alone on Mac OS X.)

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Applicable to Visors with Palm OS 3.1
Authored by: howsun on Apr 12, '02 01:51:46PM

Yes, this and similar hacks are only required for PalmOS 3.1 handhelds that don't have built-in static memory (and are therefore not capable of upgrading to 3.5). This includes my Palm IIIe as well.

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Enabling IR sync causes random freezes
Authored by: sjonke on Apr 08, '02 02:55:33PM

At least it does on my Powerbook G4 667 Mhz. At first it seemed fine, but then I started to see the problem I use to see with my older iBook when making a PPP connection, where it would freeze the computer for as much as several minutes, and then unfreeze, except that when it happens in this case is pretty random. Unchecking the IR sync option in Palm Desktop makes the random freezes go away. Curious if anyone else has seen this? I have a Visor Platinum (which has Palm OS 3.5.2.) OS X 10.1.3.

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Enabling IR sync causes random freezes
Authored by: howsun on Apr 12, '02 02:03:20PM

Enabling Hotsync via IR in Palm Desktop 4 on my PowerBook G3/500 causes my computer to freeze for about 5-10 minutes whenever I wake it up from sleep. If I wait long enough, it eventually comes out of its coma. Keeping hotsync normally disabled, and enabling hotsync only when I need it seems to fix it so far.

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