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Make invisible Public Folder iDisks visible again Internet
Sometimes when you try to access a public folder on someone's iDisk, the iDisk won't show up on the Desktop. All you have to do is logout and log back in and the iDisk will show up.

[Editor's note: Although this has not happened to me, I have heard reports of it from a couple of friends and elsewhere on the web. I would have thought that logging out would have dropped the iDisk connections, but this hint claims otherwise. Can anyone who is experiencing this problem verify the potential fix? Also, is there a command-line method of achieving the same result that would save a logout?]
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Quicker method
Authored by: james_sorenson on Apr 03, '02 01:19:51PM

For whatever reason, my network volumes persist when I log-out and log-in as the same user, as well. I guess Apple thought it to be more convenient.

However, there is a better way:
(1) Activate the Finder
(2) Press Cmd ~
(3) In the "Go to the folder" box, type "/volumes"
(4) You will see the mounted Public iDisk/ in the new window.

Interesting note: as soon as you open the iDisk contents, you will see the Finder finally update itself and add the iDisk to any other Finder windows you select.

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Quicker method
Authored by: drjones on Apr 03, '02 01:53:25PM

This is no doubt part of the strength and versatility of our *nix underpinnings. I was surprised to find that after accessing some shared files to do some maintenance on a user's machine, I came back to see the login screen. For many of us, it's taking alot longer to get OS 9 out of our mind than it is to get all our apps carbonized!

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Quicker method
Authored by: joemang on Apr 04, '02 02:53:44AM

and that will also work if you login to a remote volume on a local machine under somebody else's account. if you log out and log back in to the local machine using the username used to connect to the remote volume (different username locally) before will reappear on your desktop.

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How can I connect to a Public iDisk?
Authored by: locklin on Apr 03, '02 02:38:56PM

How can I connect to a Public iDisk?

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Desktop refresh problem
Authored by: pmilvich on Apr 05, '02 10:34:01PM

I've had this happen to me many times with all sorts of files.

The easiest way to get it back I've found is either

a) Use the ps command to find the Finder's id then kill it

or (the weak way ;) b) just force quit (relaunch) the finder

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Authored by: nycdewd on Apr 13, '02 10:27:59AM
...get it, use it, love it. it makes accessing an iDisk soooooo much faster. yeah yeah, so this thread is about accessing Public folders, i know. get Goliath and make yourself happy. GOLIATH FOR OS X

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