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Add Axis 1440 printserver support to the Epson 740 Network
It is possible to rather easily hack the printer driver so that Mac OS X will recognize & print to an Epson 740 networked via AppleTalk and an Axis 1440 ethernet print server. Yay!!!

I was already able to print via USB to the Epson 740, but that is of course not what we needed. We needed to continue to use the 740 as a networked printer, via the Axis 1440 ethernet print server that has worked so well for several years with Mac OS 8 & 9.

This hint might also apply to other similarly unsupported printer models that are similar to a newer, supported model.

Downside: I seem to have lost the ability to print to this printer via Mac OSX USB. Oh well. It still prints ok from Classic mode ethernet, Mac OS 9 ethernet, and Mac OSX ethernet, so I'm not complaining. (I didn't test it with Mac OS 9 USB, but that ought to still be just as it was).

Read the rest of the hint for the details...

Install the Optional printer drivers from the Mac OS 10.1 update CD. This will include the USB drivers for the Epson 740 for Mac OSX. Install the Epson 900 drivers for Mac OSX.

Navigate to /Library -> Printers -> EPSON -> SC900.plugin -> Contents -> MacOS -> SC900. Note that packages (SC900.plugin in this case) are really folders in disguise; command-click and "show Package Contents" to open. The Epson SC900 file at this location is very similar to the one the SC740 uses. We can hack it and move it into the 740 driver to enable network use for the 740.

Use HexEdit (available thru Version tracker) to do a global find/replace (in the "SC900" file above) of all ASCII "900" with "740" and save that file as "SC740". Now move it to: /Library -> Printers -> EPSON -> SC740.plugin -> Contents -> MacOS -> SC740. Check that the file permissions are set the same way as the file you're replacing. You should save a copy of the original, too, in case you need it. Reboot -- not just log out and back in, but a full reboot.

Check the Print Center for a menu with "EPSON AppleTalk" on it. Select it. Hopefully, your networked Epson 740 shows up by name, and after selecting it, works as expected.

Other Findings:
  • I can make an LPR printer via IP that MAC OS X will recognize and send data to, but when it actually prints onto paper, it's a garbled mess of Postscript junk. The Epson 740 is not a PS printer. It may be possible to use this as a text printer somehow...

  • After installing the driver for the Epson 900N, some new menu choices appear in the print center; notably "Epson AppleTalk"

  • This info might also apply to other similarly unsupported printer models that are similar to a newer, supported model. You'll need to work with a supported printer driver that is very similar in specs to the printer you have. Same number of ink nozzles, dpi, etc. Sometimes you can get a hint by which other printers your ink cartridges also fit.

  • There is another way to print to unsupported printers in Mac OSX, via GhostScript intercepting the print job.

  • Your mileage may vary, whatever happens - it's not MY fault.
I first heard of this concept from a thread on the Apple discussion boards. They were using a different print server, but it seem to apply to the Axis 1440 as well.

[Editor's note: I have not tried this myself, although I do have a print server connected to our Epson C90 ... but that's for the PCs in the house.]
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Add Axis 1440 printserver support to the Epson 740 | 7 comments | Create New Account
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doesn't work for me
Authored by: gleatherman on Apr 22, '02 02:31:38PM

I wish I could say this works for me, but it doesn't :-(

running the same setup: Epson 740 with Axis 1440, but in 10.1.4, after replacing the SC740 file with the modified SC900, I can no longer ADD A PRINTER without Print Center crashing out. Putting the original SC740 file back in place corrects the problem (without a reboot I might add).

I do also have an Epson 980 connected via USB (also networkable like the 900) so maybe it's causing the problem. Anyone else with an AXIS get this hack to work?

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This is great! Works fine to my network.
Authored by: funyako on May 01, '02 11:43:33AM

Mac OS X 10.1.4, iMac800, 256MB, no direct connected printer.
AXIS 1440+SC740 on the Ethernet.
I failed to add the printer in the first time because I modifiied the original SC900 driver installed on OS X. I was able to see the AT printer on the network, but when I clicked "Add" button, it raised "Unexpected Printer Error" without a crash. Then I realized I should have installed "epson10107.sea" downloaded from Epson's web site.
In the second try, there was no problem after installing the driver.
This pretty much makes my life easier as I'm shifting most works to Mac from PC!

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What about the Axis 1440 and the Photo EX under OS X?
Authored by: mshepherd on May 04, '02 11:27:21AM

Anyone know how to get this to work? Epson sucks for not supporting this model anymore. And it was rather expensive with the print server. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Success with Axis 1440 and 740!!!
Authored by: ssharber on Sep 22, '02 04:16:57AM

I tried this hack several times without any luck, but i had also not been able to print at all to my 740 since updating to Jaguar. Every time I tried to add my printer to the print center it unexpectedly quit. my powerbook on the network did the same thing. so i wasnt so sure i was doing anything wrong but that maybe there was some other problem. i then realized what i had been doing wrong, i had to add my printer to the print center before hacking the driver. but i still couldnt add without the print center crashing. so i hacked the driver, made sure the permissions were the same, (very important) restarted, added the printer as a usb, (which it was connected to usb also besides the axis) restarted again and then was able to add the appletalk driver and have been printing happily ever since!!! i had thought my days of being able to sit in bed and print to my printer were gone, and that my axis was one expensive toy for which i had no more use, (except for my wife's PeeCee which is in her office) but this has saved the day for me!!! Just for this I am gonna send in my $10 subscription for this wonderful site.

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worked for me once, but now
Authored by: ajking on Jul 23, '02 11:26:27PM

Get a communication error when trying to print. I deleted it and tried to add it again but EPSON Appletalk is empty.
Any ideas?

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This Worked for Me!
Authored by: dennishenley on Aug 30, '02 07:55:55AM
When I first tried to alter the SC900 file so that my SC740 and AXIS 1440 work with OS X, it didn't work. Then I tried again.

First, I logged in as Root.

Then I changed all instances of 900 to 740, not just the ones that read SC900.

Once I saved the file, my Epson was available and worked like a charm.

Dennis E. Henley
Chicago, IL

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Add Axis 1440 printserver support to the Epson 740
Authored by: Sovero1 on Jun 29, '05 05:18:47PM

Is there a hack to make this work with Tiger?

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