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Restore file sharing access speed System
Ever since I installed X last September, I have been very bothered by the fact that if I went to an OS 9 mac and mounted a volume from my OS X mac via file sharing, everything from mounting the volume to opening windows to scrolling through a window was incredibly slow.

Yesterday I unchecked "Enable File Sharing clients to connect over TCP/IP" in the File Sharing Control Panel in Classic on my OS X mac, and now file sharing is as it should be. Why having that checked in Classic would have such an effect even when File Sharing was turned off in Classic is a mystery to me.

[Editor's note: I have not tested this here, as I haven't had any speed issues with file sharing. On my OS X box, however, my "optimized Classic" environment doesn't even load any of the file sharing bits, so perhaps that's why I haven't noticed a problem. Can any of the readers verify this as a potential fix for the problem?]
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why is classic filesharing on in the first place?
Authored by: kjackson on Apr 01, '02 03:10:09PM

Does simply turning off classic file sharing have the same result?

I would think it does.

Why would you have it on in the first place.... major security hole.

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Minimize extensions
Authored by: paulio on Apr 01, '02 07:52:50PM

To ensure good speed, Classic should have the minimum number of extensions turned on in the Extensions Manager. That includes file sharing. Once turned off, there will be no TCP/IP file sharing setting in Classic at all. The item disappears off the Apple | Control Panel menu.

This may not be obvious for those new to OS X.

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The REAL reson for the slowdown
Authored by: paulio on Apr 01, '02 08:11:41PM

The reason that file file sharing is slow is that Classic (the old Mac OS 9 system running under OS X) is what is sharing the files, not Mac OS X itself. It runs slower this way. It just does. Turn off file sharing in Classic and instead turn it on in Mac OS X where it is very fast.

To turn off file sharing in classic, open a Classic application, pull down the Apple menu | Control Panels | File Sharing. Turn it off.

Actually, turn off all unnedded extensions (previous message).

Open the Mac OS X System Preferences. Click on Sharing. Where it says File Sharing Off, click on the Start button. That's it.

Oh.... I just remembered that there might be some bug, I can't find the hint, that may make it necessary for you to type in the IP address of the Mac OS X machine from the other macs for them to be able to connect. You can get the IP address from the File Sharing Preferences.

A possible workaround to the IP address problem is to open the System Preferences, click on Network. Click on the AppleTalk tab. Make AppleTalk active.

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I had slowness, too
Authored by: wfolta on Apr 04, '02 03:57:44PM

When I first loaded MacOS X 10.1 onto my desktop and still had MacOS 9.1 on my laptop, the filesharing speed went through the floor. It was pitifully slow! Like 1/10 the speed I used to get.

In desperation, I updated my laptop to 9.2.2 and the sharing speed came right back up to par. Not sure if something else was changed by the update or if there's a problem between 9.1 and X.

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file-sharing 9.x -> OS X
Authored by: jimwick on Apr 05, '02 10:20:42PM

I want to move them (without using Sneakernet) to me new iMac G4 running OS X.
I am trying to use an ethernet crossover cable and fle sharing, but it's not working out. I can't get the icons from G3 to show up on my iMac desktop to manipulate them.

Do you have a detailed recipe for an OS X newbie?


Jim Wickman -- Pasco WA

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