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Resume partial OmniWeb downloads Web Browsers
OmniWeb seems to lack a "resume download" feature. Instead of re-downloading the first part again, you can use wget with the -c (continue) option to resume the download.
  1. In OmniWeb's Downloads window, click on the file to resume downloading. Then copy its URL.

  2. Open a new window in Terminal.

  3. cd to the directory that contains the partial file. It's probably Desktop.

  4. Type wget -c and paste the URL after it. The download should resume.
[Editor's note: I haven't used OmniWeb's downloading facilities often enough to verify this behavior, but it does make sense that 'wget' would be able to continue, as long as it can find the first portion of the file.]
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curl -Cmay work as well
Authored by: imacusr on Apr 01, '02 04:37:14AM
at least, according to the man page:

              Deprecated.  Use '-C -' instead.  Continue/Resume a
              previous file transfer. This instructs curl to con-
              tinue  appending data on the file where it was pre-
              viously left, possibly because of a broken  connec-
              tion  to the server. There must be a named physical
              file to append to for this to work.   Note:  Upload
              resume  is  depening  on  a  command named SIZE not
              always present in all ftp servers! Upload resume is
              for  FTP  only.   HTTP resume is only possible with
              HTTP/1.1 or later servers.

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curl -Cmay work as well
Authored by: jasenko on Apr 01, '02 05:25:39PM

I find curl much better than wget, it supports every single protocol and it is really easy to use. I hope somebody would develop a frontend with browser plugin. All download managers I 've used have very high per cent of corrupted downloads (won't unstuff etc...). That never happened with curl.

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curl -Cmay work as well
Authored by: wfolta on Apr 04, '02 03:57:58PM

In particular, you have to read carefully. There is a second dash in there which lets curl know to use the file's current length instead of a supplied number. So it'd go something like:

curl -C - -o /Users/dragon/3d-klondike-10a.hqx

I, too, like curl and it comes pre-installed so is easier to use for most people.

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