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Dismiss iTunes warning dialogs with the keyboard Apps
I was removing MP3's from my iTunes list and it was giving me the "remove from library?" window. I was removing tons of songs and got sick of using the mouse, so I hit 'Y' and Bam! it worked. 'N' also works for no. Found out that 'C' works for cancel. Not sure which other apps may support these keys.

[Editor's note: This doesn't seem to work on open/save dialogs, as the "Go" data entry box captures your keystrokes. It may be restricted to warning dialogs only, but I haven't come across one to test with yet.]
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Dismiss iTunes warning dialogs with the keyboard | 5 comments | Create New Account
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'Y' and 'N' keys are completely up to the developer
Authored by: occam_razor on Mar 31, '02 12:07:01AM

Don't expect 'Y' or 'N' to do anything in any regular dialog box. Coding support for them is completely up to the developer and very few take the time to do this as it's non-standard UI. Frankly, I'm surprised that Apple is letting its programmers get away with this; if someone hits the 'Y' or 'N' by accident, there are unintended consequences. That's why all the command + key combinations take TWO keys, just to avoid this sort of thing. Anyway, just for the record, BBEdit does this sort of thing also.

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different keys in Italian!
Authored by: teomalchio on Mar 31, '02 12:38:56PM

Strangely, the keystroke were translated in Italian, so Yes is 'S' (Sì) and No is... guess?... 'N' (No)...
Cool, it's the first time i see keyboard shortcuts translated... O_O

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also works with other keys
Authored by: droche on Mar 31, '02 07:02:20PM

This trick also works for many other dialog boxes. For example, when quitting an unsaved appleworks document, you'll get a dialog box that gives you the option to save, don't save, or cancel. you can type s, d, or [esc] to accomplish each of these functions

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Also works for shutdown
Authored by: geoffsaulnier on Mar 31, '02 08:04:09PM

If you press the power button to get the shutdown/restart/logout/cancel dialog, you can use s, r, l, esc to control that.

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what dialogue
Authored by: djpk on Apr 12, '02 11:56:27PM

I cant find that dialogue, no matter what i do. How do you get it? When i push power it either goes to sleep or I hold and it shuts down. Am I doing something wrong?

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