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Microsoft Intellimouse drivers released! Apps
While browsing the Macworld forums this afternoon, I noticed a post stating that the Microsoft Mouse drivers had been released. The servers are actually in the midst of being updated right now, but I dug around a bit and found a viable download URL.

You need to pop-up the operating system choices to see the OS X version. The final choice is "OS X 10.1.2". I'd call this a very quiet release, at least so far (there's no information on Mactopia about it).

The mouse program installs into /Applications, with no way to specify a directory that I saw. It is, however, just a program, so it should work fine if moved. Note that a restart is required after installing the driver.

When you launch the mouse program, you can select tabs to control the mouse pointer speed (max setting is pretty quick, but not as fast as you can get with the Turbo Mouse preferences panel), buttons (all programmable), and wheel (how many lines to scroll). With the drivers installed, my side and wheel buttons are now once again usable in OS X! It's so nice going "forward" and "back" using the two side buttons again.

I've only had it running for about 45 minutes now, but I haven't noticed any problems as of yet. Running top in the terminal shows a "Microsoft Mouse Helper" background app, but it was taking 0.0% of the CPU the whole time I watched (even while actively using the mouse).

As a side benefit, the MS driver has fixed a longstanding OS X issue for me. Previously, if I switched my mouse and keyboard over to my other machine, when I returned to the Mac the mouse would be very slow, and I'd have to manually reset the speed in the preference panel. Now, the speed setting is retained when I return to the Mac.

So if you have a Microsoft Mouse, head on over to the download site to grab the new drivers. The Macworld forum post also implied that the keyboard driver would be released next month.
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Microsoft Intellimouse drivers released! | 9 comments | Create New Account
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Note for new iMac users . . .
Authored by: Membranophonist on Mar 29, '02 11:53:41PM

I had to plug my MS IntelliMouse directly into the back of my LCD iMac in order for the software to recognize all the buttons.

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Note for new iMac users . . .
Authored by: wiesbeck on Mar 30, '02 10:16:28AM

I had a similar problem with my Wireless IntelliMouse (it wouldn't get the battery status when connected through the usb hub), but switching the channel by just pushing the little button at its bottom solved this.

Might not apply to your wired IntelliMouse ;-)

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Note for new iMac users . . .
Authored by: robg on Mar 30, '02 12:34:30PM

Weird ... on my G4/733, the mouse is plugged into a MiniView USB switchbox and it's working without any problems at all. Wonder what the difference is in the USB ports?


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Direct Link
Authored by: Anonymous on Mar 30, '02 11:54:15AM
Try this link to skip all the various forms if you want to download a Mac OS X English version of the driver.

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Authored by: mwhybark on Mar 30, '02 03:25:31PM

So... did MS license USB Overdive from our great benefactor Mr. Montalcini?

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Authored by: DavidRavenMoon on Mar 30, '02 07:23:58PM

Yes, I believe this is an OEM of USB Overdrive. I have an Intellimouse Optical, but I use USB Overdrive instead. It has more features.

By the way, as long as we are talking about MS mice, if anyone is having a problem with the mouse "locking up" -- it's actually a problem with the cable coming out of the mouse. If you are any good with a soldering iron, all you have to do is open the mouse, and remove the connector from the PCB. The cable gets bent around two plastic guides for strain relief, and this is where the break occurs. I cut my cable an inch or so from the connector, and then cut the other end shorter... I made it as short as the Apple mouse, since I plug it into the keyboard and the extra wire got in the way. I also removed the RF choke "bead." If you want to leave it longer just cut it an inch or so past where it was bent. Then strip the wires and twist and solder them together. Carefully tape them up and thread the cable back into the guides and reassemble the mouse. Good as new! Mine would only work for a few days and then would lock up and stop working. It's been fine for over two months now.

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Authored by: 128K Mac on Apr 01, '02 04:47:37AM

Montalcini is on the record (his web site) as vowing never again to license or OEM USB Overdrive (circa 2000). But who knows.

I have a better solution for the well known "loose/kinked" cord problem which seems to afflict mainly the Intellimouse Explorer (because it's biggers and heavier?) but *may* also afflict other models.

Keep a sales receipt of your purchase. There's a one year warranty. In my experience in 4 to 8 mos. your Explorer may develop a problem. Call 1-800-360-7561 (if that isn't correct for warranty coverage on rodents ask for correct number; or search the pages for it). They'll send you a new mouse immediately. Have obtained two Explorers this way. First time they wanted me to use same mailer to return bum rodent and I did. Second time they said not to bother.)

Sooner or later I assume this design "feature" will filter down and they'll fix it.

As to the software I use -0-, with the exception that I use MouseZoom (beats editing the Global .plist) to overcome the slow OS X tracking problem. Left button: one click. Right button: control-click/hold. Defaults under OS X since 10.1 or ? Scroll wheel seems to work with most apps. If it doesn't I don't use it. :) Am using MS wheelmouse and my (last) new Explorer is in a box somewhere.

Paid shareware fee for USB Overdrive for OS9 several years ago. Worked great with a tablet and the mouse I was using at the time. Great software.

But since I only care about using the two default key comands, and don't often use the scroll wheel anyway, I greeted the new software with a lack of enthusiasm, downloading it and storing it somewhere (I think).

Am told it has the same "look and feel" as OS9 version. Non-whoopee. I read of too many problems with software with this or that mouse. Since no software works for me I like that "solution."

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Authored by: DavidRavenMoon on Apr 01, '02 09:50:26PM
Montalcini is on the record (his web site) as vowing never again to license or OEM USB Overdrive (circa 2000). But who knows.

I believe that what he's saying is since he did the deal with MS he isn't doing any more OEM versions... I'm sure that was part of their deal.

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I returned to USB Overdrive
Authored by: Welles Goodrich on Mar 30, '02 08:35:21PM

Well, I eliminated USB Overdrive and tried out the MS Intellimouse drivers. Because I use a Cinema Display with an extended desktop on a LaCie Blue II covering real estate is an issue. The dpi and acceleration settings of the Intellimouse drivers are set to a pretty smooth setting but at their fastest I had to move my mouse nearly six inches to go from the side of one monitor to the far side of the other. In USB Overdrive I could use settings just below the fastest and move the mouse less than two inches to cover the same distance. As a result I removed all the traces of MS and returned to USB Overdrive. I suspect the final version will be released soon. I'm still using beta 4.


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