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Synch your Palm with Palm Desktop 4.0 Desktop
At last! Palm have released version 4.0 of Palm Desktop - which has allowed me to sync my Palm m515 five times so far without crashing, timing out or corrupting my Palm Desktop file. Prior to this update only one sync out of five would be even vaguely successful.

Definitely worth the download for any OS X / Palm users out there...

[Editor's note: I don't normally post standard software announcements, and this one is slightly "old news" by now, but it's worth mentioning given the large number of Palm users out there. Palm 4.0 works very nicely, especially when compared to the beta. I connect via Keyspan USB to serial connector on two different machines. I had mixed success, at best, with the beta, but have had 100% success with the new final code. I was waiting to publish this story until I had some time to test more extensively. Now that I've run the thing a number of times on three different machines, I'm now confident that this is a good release.]
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Visor hint and a plea for hacker help.
Authored by: kerim on Mar 29, '02 08:15:49AM
(1) If you have a visor, try removing the file: Installer 3.5.3, from your Applications/Palm/Palm Upgrades/ folder. MacFixit reports that this works for most Visor users. (But be careful as it is still discouraged by Handspring.) (2) The default conduits for Palm Desktop strip extra ASCII information which is essential for Chinese characters. For the old version there were some hacks available to fix this. With version 4 there is a "Japanese localized version", which doesn't do this - but it is in Japanese. (I hate companies which assume that only monolingual native speakers will want multilanguage functionality!) Does anyone know how to get the Japanese conduits to work with the English desktop software? Or of any other similar hacks that might work? There are a surprising number of people on the chinese-mac e-mail list who are interested in this information! Thank you!

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Visor hint and a plea for hacker help.
Authored by: elyoda on Mar 31, '02 01:57:32PM

Hi this is about point (1):
I have bougth recently a Visor Pro, and I want to know if the palm descktop can play with it and if I have to do some trick in order to be able to use them as a team.

I will apreciate your help.

By the way, I already downloaded the software and I will install it in a Powerbook Titanium.


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~new keyspan drivers help sync
Authored by: pgee on Mar 29, '02 10:09:33AM

If you are still having problems syncing with a serial cradle, make sure you get the latest drivers from Keyspan. They released version 1.0.2 last month. Those drivers and the latest desktop finally allowed me to hotsync my Palm VII using Keyspan's USB PDA adapter with my iMac DV.

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Instant Palm
Authored by: Black on Mar 29, '02 10:14:42AM

Does anyone have Instant Palm Desktop working? The only time I get the Instant Palm menu from my dock icon is when I actually have Desktop open. Palm seems to claim that it should work from the dock when the application isn't actually open (a much more useful arrangement) and I just wanted to confirm that someone has actually seen this in action.

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Instant Palm
Authored by: robg on Mar 29, '02 11:31:10AM

It's my understanding that it only works when the app is running. At least, it's that way on both my machines...


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Instant Palm
Authored by: RichB on Mar 29, '02 10:51:14PM
From the 4.0 Handbook:

In Mac OS X, the Instant Palm Desktop menu appears when you click and hold the Palm Desktop icon in the dock if Palm Desktop is running.

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Not much better than beta
Authored by: Magic on Mar 29, '02 11:10:01AM

I performed complete deinstall of any Palm software and then installed 4.0 on a TiPB using OS X. I did not install it for use in OS 9 Classic. I use Palm Vx and PalmConnect USB. Palm 4.0 is definitly not ready for prime time.

It took me 40+ attempts including all combinations of plugging, unplugging USB, deleting preferences, IR port attempts, reboots, Classic not running, Classic Running, etc. to get it to work once. Generally it would identify the User on the Palm and then time out before any data transfer. It worked once on the IR port and that was it. It never worked again with the same settings.

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Speed of synch?
Authored by: robg on Mar 29, '02 11:41:42AM

Did you try messing with the synch speed settings? Others have reported that (especially it seems with the Palm USB Connect) that they had best results at 57,600kbps instead of "As fast as possible".


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Not much better than beta
Authored by: rselph on Mar 29, '02 02:30:41PM

I'm afraid I'll have to echo Magic's experience. I just had the first two kernel panics I've seen since the public beta. I tried robg's hint to set the speed lower, but still no go.

I'm trying to sync via IR port on a TiPB with 10.1.3.

Oh well. I guess I'll uninstall, and wait for the next rev that mentions "stability improvements."


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Not much better than beta
Authored by: msuper69 on Mar 30, '02 12:16:59PM

I couldn't get my TiPB 500 to IR sync. I check Apple's knowledge base and discovered that the original TiPB's infrared hardware does not work with Mac OS X 10.1.

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Not much better than beta
Authored by: Davlin on Jun 11, '02 09:52:05PM

I'm experiencing the same problem. I just got the USB Connection Kit for my IIIc, installed Palm Desktop 4.0 at first and tried to hot sync. Nothing happened. So I started various tests in order to identify the problem, maybe some sort of driver incompatibility.
On Mac OS 9 (working as primary system on a separate partition) and older Palm Desk included in the connector package took me 5 to 10 retries before a sync operation started.
Upgrading to classic Desktop 4.0 improved some performances. Synchronization doesn't run at first (like after reboot) but opening HotSync Setup, switching to "disabled", unplugging the usb connector, plugging it again right after and checking the "enable" command then closing the application finally gave some positive results, maybe after 2 or 3 identical retries.
In conclusion: Desktop 4.0 in mac os 9.2.2 (not classic under OS X) works along with some patience; trying to repeat the same process under OS X 10.1.5 and 10.1.3 (on another G4-AGP) was completely unsuccessful and frustrating.

My personal opinion is that "Transport Monitor" conflicts with last OS release but, most of all, no driver for USB connection kit is working on X. For example: Sys Profiler under OS 9.2.2 report the USB device, its serial number and the driver version. On OS X both informations are missing. Thus HotSync and the system itself do not receive any request from the cradle and no transport starts.

Probably we'll have to wait for some sort of update. As usual.

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Breaks sleep on my Pismo
Authored by: Anechoic on Mar 29, '02 12:58:24PM
Desktop 4.0 (the driver I assume) seems to interfere with the sleep on my 400 Mhz Pismo. Putting the machine to sleep works normally. When I wake the machine, the screen is gray for about 30 seconds or so. After the normal desktop appears, the cursor is jerky (similar to the modem bug behavior) and icons/windows do not respond to mouse clicks. After about a minute or so, the machine returns to normal
Removing the Palm software has restored the normal instant on/off sleep behavior.

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Mine's OK
Authored by: RichB on Mar 29, '02 10:39:28PM

My 500 MHz Pismo doesn't have those problems with Palm Desktop installed!

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Breaks sleep on my Pismo
Authored by: varase on Mar 30, '02 12:16:11AM

It's worse on my Pismo.

I have sleep problems, and if I do something like try to logoff and back on, CPU will spike at 100%, come back momentarily, then shoot back up until all other tasks are placed on the back burner. I've had to reset two or three times (each time with disk damage) when this happens.

Pings continue to work from other hosts, but nothing much past that. Certainly no remote logons get enough time to allow a user to connect, either through telnet or ssh.

This also happened with the Palm beta.

I've turned off the Palm tasks activated at login, and my system is back to normal.

Too bad too, because when I actually did a sync it worked just fine <sigh>.

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IR hotsync doesn't work
Authored by: guillota on Apr 02, '02 01:54:15PM

I've an iMac Special Edition with IR port, I updated to 10.1.3 as told, then installed Palm Desktop 4.0 and it never connected. IR Port is recongnized but hotsync doesn't starts.
Documentation says that IR sync is supported only in Powerbooks and Titanium, which is the difference with my IR port. It is not fair.
I still doesn't have hotsync with OSX... too bad.

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IR hotsync doesn't work
Authored by: msuper69 on Apr 03, '02 10:58:11AM

The original iMac was the only one with an IrDA interface.

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