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Fix for a non-functional SCSI ORB drive System
I have an Adaptec 2930 SCSI card which I bought specifically to use with a SCSI ORB drive. When I started using X, I could not get the ORB drive to work. A call to Adaptec solved the problem.

The tech support person told me to remove the Adaptec driver from System/Library/Extensions. The ORB drive has worked fine ever since. The name of the driver to be removed is something like Adaptec2906-30.kext.

I don't know if this strategy will work for other Adaptec cards and an ORB drive. Tech support made sure to ask me if that was the only SCSI device I had, so this may not work if you have other SCSI devices.

[Editor's note: Untested here; I have the SCSI card, but no ORB drive!]
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Authored by: Chas on Mar 29, '02 12:03:47AM

What was that vague advice again? Do you mind giving a bit more specific detail? I can't believe that Adaptec says to remove ALL drivers for this card, as you seem to indicate..

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Two drivers, possibly?
Authored by: robg on Mar 29, '02 12:28:52AM
I can't confirm (hopefully the original author will clarify), but on my Adaptec-equipped machine, I see two entries in the Extensions directory:
drwxr-xr-x   3 root     wheel         264 Sep  7  2001 Adaptec2906-2930.kext
drwxr-xr-x 4 root wheel 264 Sep 28 2001 Adaptec290X-2930.kext
So I'm thinking that the 290X driver is newer than the 2906 driver (based on the listed dates), and that there's possibly a conflict between the two, so Adaptec told him to remove the older one. -rob.

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no drivers, definitely
Authored by: mclbruce on Mar 30, '02 06:31:48PM

I do not have either driver mentioned above. Yet my ORB works fine. I was surprised myself that the Adaptec tech support person told me to remove the driver file. A month or two after talking to tech support I did a clean install of OS X. I know I had to go in and remove at least one driver after the clean install. I think Apple ships a driver for my card with OS X or 10.1, and that's what I had to remove the second time around.

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Does NOT work for 10.1.x
Authored by: urcindalo on Mar 29, '02 05:57:43AM

This trick worked for 10.0.x, but not for 10.1.x. I haven't been able to use my ORB disks ever since.
Any ideas?

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re: Does NOT work for 10.1.x
Authored by: mclbruce on Mar 30, '02 06:23:39PM

I think 10.1 reinstalls the Adaptec2906-30.kext file. If you can find it, make id die and you should get your ORB back.

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Does NOT work for 10.1.x
Authored by: hamish on Apr 21, '02 10:01:16PM

I had the same problem with my Adaptec 2906 card. Adaptec would not help me as I had an "OEM" card. Their driver in the Mac OS X section at their web site did not work. I tried one from>Mac OS X>Drivers but it was the same. Then I found there were two drivers in the Drivers list. I used the second driver from the top and it goes to another place in the Adaptec site. REMOVE the 2906 driver from the folder, you may have to do it from OS 9, so the install works. If you try to replace the driver it will say it has been installed, but it hasn't. Good luck.

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Does NOT work for 10.1.x
Authored by: hamish on May 10, '02 06:18:00PM

Back to the fray. I backed up my OS X volume with Retro 5.0. When I re-installed OS X my ORB would not mount so I could restore the backup.. I spent much time juggling Adaptec drivers to find the right combination to remount the ORB through my 2906, "OEM", zero tech support, card. What finally worked was putting all the 2906 and 2930 extensions into an "Untitled Folder" and then ta da, it worked. Very strange. In OS X v10.0 to v10.0.4 there was no 2906 or 2390 extension, just a 78xxx one, and the ORB mounted there. May be some day Adaptec will get their act together. Have a nice weekend.

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one more time...
Authored by: mclbruce on Mar 30, '02 12:04:41AM

I am running OS X 10.1.3 on a G4/400 Gigabit Ethernet.
I am using an external SCSI ORB drive with my Adaptec 2930CU SCSI card.
I have no other SCSI devices connected to the card.
Yes, Adaptec told me to remove the Adaptec SCSI driver. It's one file, located in System/Library/Extensions.
I don't know the exact name of the file because I removed it and trashed it a long time ago. I still have several other Adaptec files in that directory, with names such as Adaptec39160.kext
I only removed one Adaptec .kext file specific to my card. That file is also used by the 2906 card. The exact name can be found on Adaptec's web site if you are interested.

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It works!
Authored by: coppelius2000 on Apr 01, '02 01:31:01AM

I tried it with my 2906 card and it worked perfectly. I hadn't been able to mount my SCSI HD nor my SCSI ext zip since I installed OS X, and by doing deleting the .kext directory (.kext are indeed directories, not files), everything was mounted without problems. So it appear that this little tricks works with many drives in the SCSI chain!

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glad to hear it
Authored by: mclbruce on Apr 01, '02 02:13:01AM

I'm glad this tip helped, and that you were able to add to what it is useful for. I wonder if it works for higer end Adaptec cards?

Are the .kext files directories of files? Apple calls the .kext files packages. My understanding is that packages are directories with files in them that OS X treats like single files. Packages look like files in the OS X finder.

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OS X 10.1.5 reinstalls Adaptec driver
Authored by: mclbruce on Jun 07, '02 05:39:09PM

Just a follow up to this hint. When I upgraded to 10.1.5 my Orb stopped working and wasn't seen in Apple System Profiler. I found the file Adaptec290X-2930.kext in my extensions folder. After deleting it and restarting the Orb is working fine.

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ORB still working with 10.2
Authored by: mclbruce on Aug 31, '02 06:42:06PM

Just finished installing 10.2. Tried putting a cartridge in the ORB drive, it did not show up in the finder.

I found the appropriate .kext file for my Adaptec SCSI card in the Extensions folder and deleted it with FileXaminer. Shutdown. Eject the ORB cart manually. Start up, wait for machine to finish starting. Pop in cart and it appears on my desktop.

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Still no success
Authored by: urcindalo on Oct 07, '02 10:15:39AM

Nothing. Nothing happens in my case.

It used to work the way you describe for 10.0, but ever since I updated to 10.1 and now 10.2, I can't see my SCSI ORB unit.

Do you have any terminator? I don't have one, since the unit does not need any, or at least those are Castlewood's words.

Any ideas are welcome. Thanks in advance.

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Fix for a non-functional SCSI ORB drive
Authored by: ostman on Jun 20, '05 01:15:49AM

Even in 2005, this tip has some bearing!

My Umax was sometimes seen after boot-up, sometimes not. (Adaptec 2930CU) I removed all adaptec kext files EXCEPT Adaptec78XXSCSI.kext and things seem good.

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