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Use the SMTP server with Entourage Apps
So I have tried to set up a few installs of Entourage. Each works well, however none of them allowed me to send mail using my email account, or use the server as my outgoing mail server. I always received a connection failure error.

Normally you need to enable authentication to use as the outgoing mail server. I had that option checked, along with the option to use the login ID and password for authentication. Well turns out there must be a bug, because to finally get my email to send, I had to check the button "login as" instead, and enter my username and password manually. Walla, on all five computers, that fixed the problem.

Note: Why might one want to use this feature, well simple. If you have a portable computer, it allows you to send mail from where ever you connect, i.e. from home, work and friends houses. If you are using your ISPs outgoing mail server, you can only send mail when conected to your ISP.
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Use the SMTP server with Entourage | 6 comments | Create New Account
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Authored by: gabble on Mar 28, '02 06:42:23AM

I have noticed that you can authenticate and rely on SMTP server only if you are sending e-mail from a valid account. So, if you have a account (and authenticate to, but are using a different account to send your message (yahoo, softhome, etc.), will accept your message with no errors or warnings, but will never deliver it.

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Authored by: Ezra Balaraj on Mar 28, '02 10:43:47AM

I've had this problem too. Strangely if my browser setiings are set to never receive cookies then this happens. If I reset the browser to "never ask" it seems to work fine.

But then I could be wrong.

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Authored by: harpdog on Mar 30, '02 08:53:13AM

I have noticed a difference.

When connected to the net via my DSL line, the requires authentication in Entourage using the same login and pass for

When i connect to the net using dial up then smtp authentication is not required when using

Sending mail via has never been a problem for me using any mail applicatioin Entourage of otherwise.

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Use Local SMTP
Authored by: sharumpe on Mar 28, '02 11:59:36AM

This may be considered OT, but I find that a good solution is to use the local sendmail instance as my SMTP server. I won't go in to how to get sendmail running because there is at least one discussion here on Mac OS X Hints, but it's not very difficult to get a basic setup.

This solves the problem of SMTP servers from different service providers very nicely.

Mr. Sharumpe

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Re: Use Local SMTP
Authored by: Paul Burney on Mar 28, '02 04:46:07PM

I'm doing this too, but I notice that I get errors (Can't resolve domain of...) when I do. If I find the sendmail process and kill -HUP it, the problem disappears.

It only happens once, after a restart, so I'm wondering if the resolver isn't loading before sendmail.

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Even with Mac account
Authored by: greggomer on Mar 28, '02 02:32:07PM

I have never had luck using the for non Mac account email addresses either. However, everyone I was setting up in this instance, was using a email account. Even then, Entourage wouldn't let me send unless I manually entered the authentication information, vs checking the use login info box.

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