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Install RAR archive expansion tools UNIX
I've been looking for a long time for a command line tool or sources or an application which can expand multiple rar archives on Mac OS X. And with a single google search, today I've found a Mac OS X port of unrar, unace and binchunker in a package called PC Tools for Mac OS X.

The tools are in a single package form, and the package installs them into /usr/bin. Then, just type from anywhere in the terminal:
 % unrar e archive.rar
% unace e archive.ace
And of course, it still works if you have multiple archives attached (.r00, .r01, r02...).

For binchunker, it will convert .bin/cue or .raw/.cue (made by any PC CD burning software) in .iso or .cdr (that can be burned with Toast).
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only does rar 2.5 - I have unrar 3
Authored by: kyngchaos on Mar 28, '02 12:37:16PM

I found the PC Tools a while back. Been using it for a while, until I started running into rar 2.9 and 3.0 archives. Then I had to use unrar 3 Win in Virtual PC. Enough of that! Got the unRAR 3.0 beta source and have it working for Mac OS X (like, just yesterday).

I need to update my web page tonight, so be patient.

<> or look for it on VersionTracker.

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only does rar 2.5 - I have unrar 3
Authored by: LoadedMind on Nov 29, '03 01:14:51AM

The program works flawlessly. My only issue is when going directly to a URL that contains the rar, ex. , the browser doesn't know to ask me whether to download it. Rather, it gives me the raw gibberish code instead. If only there were a utility that would allow you to type in the URL of the .rar file...

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Authored by: russh on Mar 29, '02 07:09:54AM

I've been looking for info on how to use rar files. Your tip(s) here got me started. Thanks!

Can I impose to ask if either of you (or someone) would post a more detailed tip on the process you use to make a VCD, from joining the rar files to converting for use in Toast, etc?

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Authored by: lovejoy on Apr 01, '02 03:11:54PM

Here is are some link to answer most of the questions:


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Rared files...
Authored by: dpadula1 on Apr 02, '02 10:06:38AM

You guys do know that Stuffit handles rared files just fine right? I have been using Stuffit Expander for rared files for a while now especially on OS X since I dumped OS 9 a few months back.

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Rared files...
Authored by: kyngchaos on Apr 02, '02 11:35:48AM

I'd be careful. I had a very bad experience with StuffIt and RARs - trying OS X.04 and StuffIt for OSX (v6.0?) completely hosed my drive. I think it had problems with the long file names inside the RAR. May be better now, but I'll never try it again.

Even now (v6.5) StuffIt can't do long file names, even for Stuffed archives. Until Aladdin gets with it I'll leave StuffIt for stuffing and binhexing and other dedicated utilities (even CLI) for everything else - Rosetta, unrar, tar, gzip, ZipIt. There's even a GUI front end for much of this - OpenUp (have yet to try it).

Not sure what version of RAR StuffIt can handle, but my guess would be v2.5, possibly v2.9 (which can actually unrar v3.0 files)

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Install ACE archive expansion tools?
Authored by: glowurm on May 07, '03 05:10:19PM

I've got the package - PCTools 1.1 - and am interested in the
ACE utility only, as I have an UnRar GUI and don't need the
other tools.

In any case, I can't get unAce to work properly - it always
returns "Bus Error" on any of the operations. I know that I've
formated the command correctly - I'm not a CLINOOB -
however I don't know that the archive is good.

Does anyone know about a more modern version of unAce? I've
scoured GOOGLE for the goods, searching for common terms to
obscure ones, like the author's name (Marcel Lemke.) Any help
would be appreciated. Oh, I've also tried running the 68K version
with absolutely no luck what so ever...

Any help would be appreciated.

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Install ACE archive expansion tools?
Authored by: a-passi on Aug 16, '03 05:09:11PM

I found out that pctools doesn't work propely
I used UNACE v1.2 public version in terminal
and get this error:
Bus error

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Install RAR archive expansion tools
Authored by: swimp on Aug 31, '03 04:07:07PM

I've _never_ been able to handle .rar files with Stuffit Expander.

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Install RAR archive expansion tools
Authored by: teknovision on Apr 26, '04 03:26:01PM

Here's a nice little Unace tool, for the command line averse:

Drag & drop simplicity, just .ace though.

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Install RAR archive expansion tools
Authored by: leok7v on Aug 27, '07 07:02:01AM
try Zipeg [link:] - free
or BetterZip - shareware

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