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Fix PNG images in Internet Explorer Apps
This doesn't appear to be in the archives, and I get asked this constantly, so I'm submitting it so I can refer people here instead of responding to emails all the time. :-)

Microsoft Internet Explorer in OSX has a bit of a problem displaying PNG files. The seem to work fine when embedded into HTML document, but when you attempt to view them "raw" (e.g. dropping a file onto the window, or browsing a FTP site) they will not load. While at first this appears to be a bug in MSIE, it's actually linked to the Apple Quicktime plugin, which will override IE's default settings!

I'm not really sure if this is the fault of Apple or MS, but here's how to fix it.

Step 1: Go into the Quicktime control panel in System Preferences. Under the plug-in section, click the "MIME Settings..." button. Expand the "images" category, and deselect the "PNG image file" option. This tells the quicktime plugin you no longer wish it to attempt to seize authority over PNG images in your web browser. Now you are finished with this step, so click OK to save your changes and exit System Preferences.

Step 2: Launch IE and go into the preferences. Go to the "File Helpers" category. Sort by extension, so you can find the two (2) ".png" categories (titled "PNG Image [image/x-png]" and "Portable Network Graphic [image/png]"). Edit both these (click "change") in the last category "Handling", change to "View with Browser" for each. Once you have done both, click OK to exit preferences.

Step 3: There is no step 3 (although I'm sure someone will suggest "use Omniweb instead!"). Your settings in IE will stick unless you change the Quicktime preferences back to the defaults, which will override the IE ones the next time you launch.
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Authored by: see on Mar 27, '02 11:17:08AM

this thing has bothered me for looooong time

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Authored by: Anonymous on Mar 27, '02 03:03:09PM

Oh sweet zombie jesus, this used to drive me bizzonkers too.
*Finally* someone figured it out.
Rock on.

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Arrrrr!! Thank you so much!
Authored by: sungwoo on Mar 27, '02 10:37:46PM

This is a really sweet tip. :)

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Thank you ... very, very much.
Authored by: Anonymous on Mar 27, '02 10:55:26PM

I would have never been able to figure out what you have, and your hint will help alleviate the suffering of many a Mac user. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!

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Authored by: eno on Mar 29, '02 09:29:26AM

Awesome hint. I've wanted a fix for this most annoying issue for a long time.

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Thank you!
Authored by: mhellman on Feb 07, '03 05:08:30PM

I got an iMac recently and am moving from win2k. One of the problems I had was viewing a website that has .png pages (which worked fine with IE in win2k). I found your hint in a google search and it fixed it! I PayPal'ed my subscription immediately. Just this one hint was well worth it. I really like the shareware-type approach you take and hope enough people will support you that you can continue working in this mode.

One update to your hint: When I went to do step 1, it wasn't needed. Only step 2. Maybe Apple fixed the first part? (I am running 10.2.3)

Thanks again!


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