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Detect external displays with the keyboard System
I have a PowerBook G3 (Firewire) and found this keyboard shortcut just recently.

You don't have to go all the way to the Displays control panel to make Mac OS X detect displays, you can do it from the keyboard by pressing Command and BrightnessUp (F2). Saves time!
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Monitor detection under Mac OS X
Authored by: GuyCoombes on Mar 26, '02 05:25:17AM

I recently set up an OS X Server on a 20" screen.
I then shut the Mac down and attached it to a 15" screen.
On startup, the system apparently did not detect the change of screen and the monitor stayed blank.
Is this a way to combat this problem on any system - powerbook or desktop?

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Monitor detection under Mac OS X
Authored by: aranor on Mar 26, '02 11:59:40PM

I suggest resetting the PRAM. If you don't know how to do that, read the following:

1) Restart your computer
2) Hold cmd+opt+P+R while it's starting up
3) It should reboot before it really starts loading
4) Let it reboot 3 times (to make sure it's completely cleared)
5) Let go of the keys, let it start up normally.

Hopefully that will fix your problem.

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thank you...
Authored by: mikerose on Dec 27, '02 01:52:36PM

I was just about to start writing an AppleScript to do this. *phew*

Anyone know if this is documented anywhere?

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That makes it easier, but I'd like to not have to do it at all...
Authored by: BrunoUsesBBEdit on Feb 13, '03 08:01:17AM

Not to whine... because all my PC using co-workers think it is so amazing that I can have a secondary display on a laptop, and especially run it at 1600x1200. I'm greatful really, but I have to detect displays twice before it notices the correct monitor. He's how it goes:
1. Laptop is closed sleeping when I bring it to the office in the morning.
2. Plug in every cord (except the USB)
3. Open the lid, and the second monitor (CRT) comes on, but is very low res, and has the OSX default background. My dock & Apple bar are also still on the LCD, And the display "Arrangement" is wrong.
4. Detect displays. The CRT becomes a little higher res, and the arrangement gets closer to being right.
5. Detect displays. The CRT is model name is right, and my preferences are correct. (1600x1200, Arrangement, Apple Bar, Dock, and Desktop Background)

I just wish it could get it right the first time.

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You can also toggle between mirroring and spanning!
Authored by: tcurtin on Feb 13, '03 01:29:02PM

command brightness down (F1) toggles between monitor mirroring and monitor spanning... (Thought I'd try the other command-F combinations and see what turned up.) This is on a 800mhz ibook - your mileage may vary...


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External Display (projector) on a Pismo and resolution
Authored by: Paul Fons on Feb 13, '03 09:11:40PM

I connected my pismo to an external projector, all worked wonderfully. As I had time on my hands, I noticed that the displays control panel detected the name of the projector and offered me a choice of resolutions. I chose a higher resolution than my current one. The projector went black and said "out of range". I discovered rebooting didn't change things. I had to do my talk using video mirroring (not ideal). I discovered that /Library/Preferences/ had a child entry that *might* be the cause of the recollection. I deleted the file. I haven't had an opportunity to connect to an external projector again, but I am hoping that this solved the resolution problem. Does anyone know more about this. Is there a more elegant way to go about doing this?

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Auto-detect on new hardware
Authored by: mikerose on Mar 03, '03 01:27:55PM

FYI, when you plug or unplug the VGA adapter on the 12" PB G4, it autodetects the new monitor configuration. Nice.

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