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Display the disk space used by the trash System
I saw on a forum someone complaining that when emptying the trash it doesn't tell you how much disk space it takes up. I think this should do the trick if you really want to know. Open up a Term window and type:
 % cd ~/.Trash
% du -s
My trash was 4931400 bytes; about time I emptied!

[Editor's note: You can accomplish the same result without using the terminal. Select Go -> Go to Folder (or command-tilde) in the Finder and enter ~/.Trash. You'll now see a semi-transparent '.Trash' folder in your main Finder window. Click on it and do Show Info (command-I) and you should see how much stuff is in the trash.]
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Another way...
Authored by: lollox on Mar 26, '02 04:43:23AM

I found another way for this hint. Maybe easier ( say it).
Just open the Trash Window and open the contex-menu by ctrl-clicking the contents of the trash window. Choose "Show Info"... that's all!

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Invisible files
Authored by: eagle_eyes on Mar 26, '02 09:45:05AM

but would this include information about any invisible files that happen to be in the trash?

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check your units
Authored by: wngdn on Mar 26, '02 09:49:51AM

The original hint was mistaken about units. "du -s" reports 512-byte blocks, not bytes. "du -sk" will give you K, which is an easier unit to think about.

(This silly behavior is enshrined in the POSIX spec, so we're all stuck with it.)

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It can be done in 1 line
Authored by: Moo0 on Mar 26, '02 10:38:53AM

just do:
du ~/.Trash -hs

which will give a human-readable output (eg, 26GB, 3MB etc.)

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-h option not on OS X
Authored by: robg on Mar 26, '02 10:54:26AM
Unfortunately, the version of du (and df) installed with OS X doesn't support the -h "human readable" tag. We published a hint on this back in March (Better disk usage information) which explains how to install newer versions which include the -h option. -rob.

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Where the new show info comes in handy
Authored by: jesperk on Mar 26, '02 12:26:29PM

This is where the new show info command behaviour comes in handy:

Click the trash in the dock.

Select All (cmd a)

Show Info (cmd i)



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