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Play solitaire on XWindows UNIX
I love to play a relaxing game of solitare but the only games I had ran on classic which I try not to use. Then I found Pysol Solitare. To run this, you need Python and several libs which can all be installed with fink. Note I could not get this to run with MacPython.

Just download the tar.bz2 move it to your home directory and gnutar it:
gnutar -xzvf pysol-4.80.tar.bz2
Move the pysol-4.80 folder to a handy place (I used Shared) and rename it pysol so you don't have to remember the version. You could leave it in your home folder but don't be a piggy as everyone will enjoy this.

At the terminal then type:
to run it. Enjoy!

[Editor's note: I have not tested this myself, but it looks like a nice Solitaire collection if you have XFree86 installed and running.]
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The Best Solitaire Ever...
Authored by: jasenko on Mar 26, '02 04:03:01AM

... but I will not install it until tkinter support for OSX is native. I spent almost a day trying to configure python to play pysol and use some other apps. Python compiles and installs natively without a problem but that is not enough. To play pysol you also need Tcl/Tk and then recompile python with tkinter support. I found some files in the system (System/Library/Tcl) and decided not to install another Tcl version. I guess I will wait for MacPython with tkinter support because doing anything in XDarwin is pathetic on my ibook.

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The Best Solitaire Ever...
Authored by: BrentT on Mar 26, '02 08:49:16AM

I found a Carbonized freeware version of Solitaire that looks good and plays well. It is called MacSolitaire and is available at:

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The Best Solitaire Ever...
Authored by: BMarsh on Mar 26, '02 05:44:24PM

another good one is Mikes Cards Lite (or for more types of games, the full version which is shareware)

even has funky vector based graphics that change the size of the cards 'n stuff depending on how big the window is for the game.

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If you already have fink...
Authored by: babbage on Mar 26, '02 12:50:59PM
sudo fink install gnome-games

Depends on having installed gnome-libs, guile (>= 1.4-3), gdk-pixbuf, and scrollkeeper, but once it's up and running it gives you a dozen or so fun little games, including card games. Other Fink game options include: crafty eboard fortune-mod freeciv frotz gnubg gnuchess nethack sdl sjeng smpeg xboard xgalaga xinvaders3d xmahjongg. Poke around in /sw/fink/dists/stable/main/finkinfo/games, and give some of them a try. Installing any of them is easy to do...

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If you already have fink...
Authored by: bhines on Mar 27, '02 12:58:43AM

And i just submitted "crossfire" to fink. It is a graphical online RPG for X Windows. It is currently in fink's unstable tree - please test it out and email me at if it works for you.

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