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Use Goliath to speed iDisk access Apps
Goliath is a freeware open-source app which enables much faster access to iDisks (and other WebDAV sites). Goliath is available for both classic MacOS and MacOS X. It has been around since 1999, but really needs to be more advertised.

[Editor's note: I had never heard of Goliath. I downloaded it and tested it, and there's no doubt about it -- it's a very fast way of using WebDAV to access your iDisk! I had been using AFP in the Finder as it was much faster, but Goliath is at least as fast, if not faster. The only thing I found lacking was documentation on exactly how to connect to the iDisk. In the connection dialog, simply enter and then enter your username and password where noted, and you should be in. Once connected, you can treat the Goliath windows just like Finder windows.]
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Goliath works well!
Authored by: russh on Mar 24, '02 12:26:02PM
I've been using Goliath in OS X for about a month. You don't even have to enter the iDisk address manually. If you cancel out of the dialog box that comes up on starting the app, there is an option in the "File" menu to "Open an iDisk Connection". This further simplifies the process.

Then, you can save the connection. I've even gone so far as to copy the iDisk icon and paste it onto the Goliath connection. I then dragged the file to my Finder toolbar to give me one click access, complete with the pretty icon that Apple uses. The main difference... it's much faster.

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Great app; 2 caveats though
Authored by: brycesutherland on Mar 24, '02 03:11:47PM

Goliath really is faster for accessing one's iDisk. Much faster. Two things though:

1. I had to logout/in before any saved connections would automatically launch Goliath. I keep server icons in my dock and nothing would happen with the Goliath icon (literally, nothing) until I logged out first. Works like a charm after that.

2. The docs claim that resource information is maintained for files. Not so in my case. I have a bunch of Word docs in my iDisk Documents folder (without file extensions) and they appear with blank icons when viewed via Goliath. Copying them down from my iDisk keeps their "blankness" and they won't lauch MS Word when double-clicked. Files with file extensions DO display correct icons and DO launch Word when copied to the local machine.

(The second caveat may just be evidence of my lack of understanding of resource information, and Goliath is actually doing what it's supposed to do, but I thought the whole point of resource forks was to remove the need for file extensions in file names?)

Other than those two items, pretty cool hint!


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Re: Great app; 2 caveats though
Authored by: sjk on Mar 25, '02 04:48:53AM

Seems like unchecking "Disable encoding of Macintosh Resources" under the Advanced Settings in "Edit->Edit Connection Settings..." has no effect.

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problem with spaces in names
Authored by: zzachov on Mar 24, '02 11:58:04PM

having this problem using Goliath:

iDisk opens fine -- but any folder with spaces in the folder name presents a problem.

Say I'm trying to open "Apple Software."

It opens and I can see a list of files plus another folder named "Apple Software."

When I try to open the 2nd Apple Software folder, I get an error message. The path name in Goliath's window shows %20 in place of the space.

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Re: problem with spaces in names
Authored by: sjk on Mar 25, '02 04:34:44AM

I can't reproduce your space-in-filenames problem when accessing iDisk with Goliath 0.9.

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problem with spaces in names
Authored by: Lorenzo on Mar 25, '02 09:15:37PM

Hi all,
I really don't know what's wrong with Goliath. Nonetheless I've been experiencing much the same problems than ZZachov's.
No way to open those folders which name is not composed by a single word. If I succeed in opening one of those folders I get a duplicate of it and, if I try double clicking it I get an error message and nothing more.
Not much of an issue to me as I nearly never connect to the iDisk. But I'm sure that if I could get Goliath to work it's speed - if compared to iDisk - would surely induce me in giving more attention to this useful link on Apple's servers.

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