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Use DVD-RW discs with the Superdrive System
If you open up the Apple System Profiler and click on the superdrive in the Devices and Volumes tab. You will notice that by Product it says DVD-RW. With this info I went and bought a Memorex DVD-RW disk and tried it out. I am pleased to report that it works just like a normal CD-RW, erase disk with Disk Utility etc.

It does burn at a pretty slow speed but this is still great for system backups.

[Editor's note: It was my understanding that this worked, but wasn't necessarily fully supported. I have also heard the DVD-RW discs will not work with iDVD. However, I have not yet personally tried a DVD-RW in either the Finder or iDVD.]
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Authored by: russh on Mar 24, '02 12:17:44PM

I haven't tried using the SuperDrive on a DVD-RW either. But I've scattered reports of success with DVD-RW using Toast. I'd love to get some more conclusive confirmation on this prior to springing for (and possibly ruining) a DVD-RW.

Anybody else tried it yet?

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Authored by: ppike on Mar 24, '02 10:54:47PM

I have been using my DVD-RW media on the superdrive with Toast 5.1.1 for quite a while to test out DVD's before wasting money on discs that cant be replaced. So far I haven't tried iDVD, but I have been able to make DVD-RW's that play in my trusty DVD player. I guess thats all I really need.

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Authored by: maksir on Mar 24, '02 11:15:17PM

I tried DVD-RW in iDVD. It work ! However, you have to insert a blank DVD-R first. After checking (while the program is preparing the data), open the DVD-R door by pressing the eject key on the keyboard. Replace the DVD-R with a DVD-RW. It works smoothly.

Toast 5.12, you can use it as DVD-RW as CDRW.

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Authored by: j0nathan on Aug 15, '02 10:33:25AM

It does indeed work with Toast though not in the way I used to use CD-RWs in OS9. This may be an obvious point to people, but may save some confusion. Using Roxio's DirectCD in OS9, it was possible to use a CD-RW like a removable volume, i.e. files could be added and deleted individually. With OSX, the entire disk must be deleted and re-burned using Toast each time you wish to make changes. Roxio have long been promising a version of DirectCD for OSX - I presume this would match the OS9 functionality of CD-RWs in OSX but would not affect DVD-RWs. Also, a word of warning - DVD-RWs appear to work like other CD-R/RWs when used in the Finder, but on reinsertion contain no data.

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Burning DVD-RW media w/SuperDrive
Authored by: Felix on Mar 25, '02 02:38:20AM

The Mar 2002 Macworld magazine (p. 88) says to use the following procedure to burn to DVD-RW media using a SuperDrive and iDVD. No mention though of what SuperDrive firmware version is required.

Double-click on the Burn button as you normally would and insert a blank DVD-R when iDVD tells you to. When you see iDVD's Preparing status message, press your keyboard's eject key and replace the DVD-R with a new or erased DVD-RW (you can use OS X's Disk Utility program to erase DVD-RWs). iDVD will then burn as normal.

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Burning DVD-RW media w/SuperDrive
Authored by: skirtley on Dec 06, '03 10:14:12AM

I have a new Powerbook 1.33 GHZ 17inch and I can not get it to erase poorly burned DVD-rw.


Capacity: 4.38 GB
Manufacturer: MATSHITA
Revision: DXJ3
Serial Number:
Drive Type: CD-RW/DVD-RW
Disc Burning: Apple Supported/Shipped
Removable Media: Yes
Detachable Drive: No
BSD Name: disk3
Protocol: ATAPI
Unit Number: 0
Socket Type: Internal
OS9 Drivers: No


Capacity: 4.38 GB
Media Type: No Media
Writable: No
File System: Journaled HFS+
BSD Name: disk3s2
Mount Point:

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Burning DVD-RW media w/SuperDrive
Authored by: skirtley on Dec 06, '03 10:23:33AM

However, I can erase the same discs with no problem on my imac. ??? I do not know what the difference could be. in the past I might have had to reboot the machine to either get the disk out, or then to erace it???

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