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Forward-delete keystroke on PowerBooks System
In case you've been wondering how to delete in front of the cursor on a PowerBook ... press fn-delete to generate a forward delete (on Ti models, at least).

(Haven't seen this documented anywhere: there's no forward delete key on the (Ti) Powerbook keyboard or any indication on the key caps of a function key equivalent.)

[Editor's note: Not exactly an OS X tip, but important nonetheless. It's the same key combo on the 2001 iBooks ... and it took me a while to find the combo when we bought ours, so I thought it was worth a quick mention here.]
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What about other Macs?
Authored by: mrjabber on Mar 24, '02 11:21:35AM

What's the key combination for other Macs (like my 2000 iMac with the compact keyboard)? This one keystoke has always eluded me.

Thanks for the help.

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Apple's Function Key Docs
Authored by: smeger on Mar 24, '02 12:30:48PM
Here is Apple's documentation on the "function" key and it's uses.

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Works on Pismos too
Authored by: Diggory on Mar 24, '02 04:52:37PM

Works on Pismos too

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Power Delete
Authored by: Paul Burney on Mar 24, '02 08:47:12PM

There is a nice little utility called Power Delete that I've found invaluable. It maps forward delete to the Shift-Delete combo, a la BBEdit. It works in all applications. I've found it more conveninet for me to use than function-delete. (two pinkies, no looking :-) )

Find out more at:

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Power Delete
Authored by: Hes Nikke on Mar 24, '02 10:32:42PM
i use Double Command Deluxe, it makes the useless enter key into a 2nd command key on older TiBook, as well as making shift delete and requires me to hold command if i want to use the eject key! (they are close enough that i slip some times)

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Power Delete
Authored by: mrjabber on Mar 26, '02 07:32:27PM

Thanks for the tip. PowerDelete worked like a charm. Nice (and free!).

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Emacs Key Bindings...
Authored by: ldeck on Mar 25, '02 09:16:47PM

Hi there,

It is also possible to use Emacs Key Bindings for Forward Delete - or at least in Cocoa Apps such as Text Edit and OmniWeb.

*CTRL+d is forward delete one character.
*Unfortunately, Alt+d (i.e., Opt+d or Esc+d) doesn't work for forward deleting by a word as the Option key is bound to other things.

So any Emacs command that works on the Ctrl key should work:
Ctrl+f move forward a character
Ctrl+b move back one character

Do the Emacs tutorial...

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