Reset setuid flag if NetInfo Manager updates fail

Mar 22, '02 10:08:12PM

Contributed by: robg

Over in this thread in the forums, 'gowrann' was having a problem with NetInfo Manager. Any time they tried to save a change in NetInfo Manager, the program replied: "NetInfo write failed! (Operation succeeded)", and the changes were not saved.

'CharlesS' correctly deduced that the problem was the setuid flag on the NetInfo Manager application itself. To correct the problem, open a terminal and type:

 % cd /Applications/Utilities
% sudo chmod 4775 NetInfo\\ Manager
If you're interested in reading more, the thread has details (courtesy of 'MervTormel') on exactly what the setuid bit is and why it's important to have it correctly set for NetInfo Manager.

Note: Edited to fix the backslash problem noted in the comments. Also note the article on StepWise referenced in the comments regarding security concerns.

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