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Switch Mozilla tabs from the keyboard Web Browsers
After months of using Mozilla and getting hooked on 'tabbing' web pages (as explained in this hint), my biggest frustration was the apparent lack of a keyboard shortcut to switch between tabs.

After numerous web searches and browsing the Bugzilla bug database on, I'd just about given up hope of finding a shortcut. Then tonight, a friend casually mentioned that you can switch tabs using control page-up (previous tab) and control page-down (next tab).

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Authored by: dbergey on Mar 22, '02 02:11:31AM

Yes!!! That was bugging me majorly! Once again comes through...


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All Keyboard Shortcuts, Link...
Authored by: josephaw on Mar 22, '02 01:54:28PM

Here's all the Mozilla keyboard shortcuts:


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This is great...
Authored by: bmerlin on Mar 22, '02 04:37:27AM

...but how about closing tabs via the keyboard? If I knew how to do that, I'd rid myself of the mouse as much as possible.

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This is great...
Authored by: owain_vaughan on Mar 22, '02 07:23:08AM


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Using Tab Keyboard Shortcuts and others...
Authored by: josephaw on Mar 22, '02 01:36:24PM

To Close the current Tab, Press Command-W
To Switch Tabs Press CTRL-PgUp for Left and CTRL-PgDn for Right a Tab
To Switch between Sidebar panels, press Option-PgUp for Up and Option-PgDn for Down
To Switch between Open windows, press Command-1 to change to next window, Under the TASK menu each item is numbered, Command-2, Switches between Mail Windows, Command-3 Switches between IRC and up to 5 and so on.
Command-] for Forward a page, Command-[ for back a page.

Thanks for the great site!

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Closing Sidebar...
Authored by: josephaw on Mar 22, '02 01:47:31PM

Press F9 to open and close sidebard.

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Authored by: mkrus on Mar 22, '02 05:35:08AM

I wish it had been ctrl-tab like most apps.

I also wish they cycled in the right order (like a window stack) rather than just simple left to right...

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Authored by: pzmyers on Mar 22, '02 08:45:00AM

Some other key combination would have also been useful to us powerbook users, who have keyboards that are not blessed with pageup or pagedown keys.

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Fn key
Authored by: robg on Mar 22, '02 09:06:19AM

On our 2001 iBook, the page up/down keys are "FN" modified versions of the up and down arrow keys. So to switch tabs, just press control then fn then up or down arrow, and it should work. It took me a couple tries to make it work just right, but it does work.


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Option-PageUp opens Sidebar!
Authored by: metiure on Mar 22, '02 02:37:37PM

And there is this one too:
Option-PageUp opens Sidebar!

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Can't open in new tab without selecting from menu?
Authored by: kerim on Mar 22, '02 03:46:30PM

Is there any way to open a new tab with a control-click as the preferences box seems to suggest is possible? I turned this on, but control-click still just gives me the contextual menu, it doesn't open the link in a new tab as I would like. Any suggestions?

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Can't open in new tab without selecting from menu?
Authored by: ashill on Mar 23, '02 11:18:41AM

It says control-tab, but they apparently just didn't bother to change the text in the preferences for the Mac build. It's actually command-tab that opens a window in a new tab.

-Alex Hill

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Can't open in new tab without selecting from menu?
Authored by: ashill on Mar 23, '02 03:40:39PM

Oops; that's command-click, not command-tab. Sorry!

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Tabs still a bit flakey
Authored by: wolstena on Mar 23, '02 03:53:00PM

I really like this tab idea. There are still two aspects that bother me. The first since I've upgraded to 0.99 Command enter in the url tool bar doesn't seem to create a new tab anymore. I'm sure this worked fine in .98.

The second small annoyance is that I cannot seem to load a new tab when I click on an item on the Personal Toolbar. You would think something like Command click would work.

Life would be grand if these two things worked.

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Command Click now works
Authored by: kerim on Mar 23, '02 05:20:59PM

I actually had tried command-tab, but it didn't initially work. Quitting and restarting Mozilla after changing the prefs made it work. Great!

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All the Mozilla shortcuts ever
Authored by: nkocharh on Jun 03, '02 06:21:25PM
The query "mozilla keyboard shortcuts" in Google brought back this page as the first result: There is also a section specific to tabbed browsing.

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