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Reduce AOL Instant Messenger's CPU usage Apps
I just got a big boost in OS X performance. Ever since getting my iBook, I had AOL's Instant Messenger (AIM) installed and running whenever the book was on. Today while watching top to monitor some stuff for work, I noticed AIM was steadily using 30-35% CPU. Unacceptable.

Renice'ing it using a tip from here didn't help much in this case. So I went through the AIM preferences and removed all the news and stock ticker options so that the tickers don't show up at all. This brought the average CPU down to around 2% and gave my system a huge speed bump. Little things like typing, scrolling and menus are all a lot snappier now.

[Editor's note: There are also numerous AIM clients out there, including Proteus and Fire which may also take less CPU, although I haven't compared them.]
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Authored by: Anonymous on Mar 21, '02 10:19:58PM

Adium seems to take zip, if I understand the usage of 'top' correctly. And it's by far the best AIM client out there, at least IMHO.


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Authored by: ElLeon0 on Mar 22, '02 01:47:02AM

I'd second that... Adium is a pleasure to use, and it runs fine even on my G3/266 with not a lot of RAM.

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Authored by: bluehz on Mar 22, '02 06:39:38AM

I too prefer Adium - unfortunately as of the last update I am unable to use it in OS 10.1.3. Some oddity where I can no longer type text into it or enter Away msgs. Author contacted and said ithappend but was rare. No solution. Any one else have this happen?

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Authored by: rainwadj on Mar 22, '02 09:28:59AM

This is kind of drastic, but have you tried removing Adium (the application and any preference files) and reinstalling?

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Authored by: Maran on Mar 22, '02 09:39:41AM

I concur that Adium is the best AIM client out there. The UI even has Fire and Proteus beat. Although, if you are one to linger on multiple services, they are good alternatives.

Adium was one of the first applications I used on OS X that actually felt like an X application should -- fast, nimble, transparent, immediately gratifying -- all the features you would think of, or ask for -- it's excellent.


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Authored by: swgs on Mar 22, '02 08:46:08AM

Without a doubt, adium is the best AIM client i have ever seen. The only thing AIM has over Adium are file transfers, but those are only useful if you are trying to send and receive files from non computer people. Otherwise, you have hotline, ftp, iDisk, e-mail, and others at your disposal.


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