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Create aliases to retain toolbar server icons Desktop
You know how you can have an icon in your toolbar that brings up your iDisk with no password or "connect to server with the Go menu" business? Well I wanted to have the same functionality on my TiBook connecting to my other systems around the house.

Originally I went through the basic "Go" menu method and made sure that my password is automatically accessed on my Keychain. Then once the server was up, I dragged its icon to the toolbar. The problem was that it reverted to a question mark whenever not connected. Since I reduced my toolbar to icon only, when there are several servers there's no way to tell which is which.

So what I did was make an alias of the mounted server and drag that alias somewhere generic (I stuck it in the general Documents folder at the top level). Then just drag the alias up to the toolbar and, presto! You have the server's original icon retained even after disconnection. Clicking on the icon skips all the other connection windows including password because I put it on the keychain. So in one click I have whichever drive on my other computers pop right up.

One thing is that because you're clicking on the alias, it brings up the drive's contents as a descendent of the alias under whatever directory you are storing them in (ie. in column view). The drive also appears in its usual place at the top of the hierarchy and functions as normal.
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Authored by: ashevin on Mar 22, '02 09:20:43AM

I'm a Mac newbie, so maybe this is obvious, but please bear with me... :)

I often connect to samba/Windows shares with my TiBook, and one thing I find annoying is that it never remembers my Workgroup name. Even saving the connection in my Favorites is no help. Is there a way to set the default Workgroup name or get OS X to remember my choice?

I ask this here, because this tip would only be useful if I can get that working.


- Avi

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Authored by: chad_c on Mar 22, '02 05:29:03PM

I log into my WinME machine with:


IPaddress can be substituted with the name of the computer (as entered on the Identification tab of the Network control panel).

The first time it asks for the workgroup name, but all other times it immediately mounts the computer with no dialog box.

******BUT, doing things this way allows anyone to see your username and password for the Win machine (the Connect to Server... dialog box automatically fills in the last server accesed). Not a problem for me, but me be a problem for others.

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Authored by: ashevin on Mar 25, '02 12:44:31PM

Thank you. I will try this, and hope it works as well for me. I too don't have an issue with the name/pass being visible because I'm the only one that uses the laptop, and the shares in question are on private networks.

- Avi

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