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Remote Access, keychains, and security Network
A friend logged into his computer remotely from my desktop using "Connect to Server" in the Finder. For my convenience, I had marked "Add Password to Keychain" in the options panel. He, of course, did not see that that option was checked, because the keychain option is no longer listed in the main panel as it was in OS 9.

He and I were both surprised (and somewhat disconcerted!) to discover the next day that his password remained on my computer, and that I could log in to his computer freely!

Just a word of caution to those logging into their computers remotely--check that options panel before you connect!

[Editor's note: A great example of the system doing exactly what it was supposed to do, and yet the results were clearly not what the user wanted! Definitely double-check the options if you're using someone else's machine to get to your own!]
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this is what is desired isnt it??
Authored by: meancode on Mar 21, '02 11:34:23AM

this is how the entire keychain thing was supposed to work in OS 9 isnt it? very smooth, translucent to the user. i liked the idea of the keychain, but absolutely hated how it was implemented in OS 9. apple did a great job of working it into OS X.

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Authored by: robg on Mar 21, '02 11:56:27AM

It's perfect. But it's so perfect that you could accidentally give a coworker full access to your home machine at any time, which probably isn't what you intended when you connected from their machine just to grab a quick document for them to use! :-)


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Sorry I think this is bad UI design.
Authored by: soosy on Mar 21, '02 01:09:11PM

I noticed this a long time ago. I should have sent feedback to apple, I will do so now.

It appears that in an effort to make a simple and clean dialog, they moved the keychain option off the main dialog and into the options dialog. I think this is REALLY bad for exactly the situation the poster describes. The user MUST be fully aware if their password is being saved or not. It can't be on a sub-dialog.

But for that matter, the whole GUI interface to connecting to servers needs major help in my opinion. This is most obvious when connecting to SMB servers where you don't even have an option of using the keychain. Also, Aliases to servers don't work properly. .DS_Store files are littered all over our NT Server at work. I want OS X to be the best computer for networking, but Apple has a ways to go yet.

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