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Removing unused languages via Show Info System
I've seen (and used for that matter) the hint about deleting unnecessary language files using 'find / -name *.lproj etc', but I've just discovered something that I can only presume is new to 10.1.3, because I've never seen it mentioned anywhere before -- The option to remove (and add!) languages now appears as one of the pages in "Show Info".

Try examining the package contents of the DVD player (control-click the app and select "Show Package Contents"), and navigating into the Contents/Resources folder. Now Show Info on the application itself, and remove some languages. You'll see the ".lproj" folders disappearing from the Resources folder. If you simply uncheck the checkbox, you'll disable the language without deleting it; this moves the .lproj directories into a "Resources Disabled" directory - how very Classic ;-)

I can only presume that moving them speeds up launch time whilst allowing them to be recovered again if necessary.

As always, apologies if this is old news.

[Editor's note: I'm not sure when this was added! I'd certainly never noticed it before reading this hint. Who knows, maybe it's been there since the Public Beta, but surely someone would have sent this in by now. Anyone have any idea when this feature was added? A quick caution -- even though the "Remove" button has three dots, usually denoting a follow-on dialog box, its action is instantaneous. Luckily, the Finder's undo command saved my deletion of English from the DVD Player!]
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Before 10.1.3
Authored by: Terbor on Mar 19, '02 01:39:34PM

I think I used this feature before 10.1.3 as it seems like I was upset about having to trash language files again. But now I'm not so sure. I have certainly used it since the update to 10.1.3 to remove .lproj files from the DVD Player update and iPhoto.

Anyone using 10.1.2 or earlier that can add to this?

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No effect on speed for me
Authored by: ToastyKen on Mar 19, '02 02:38:53PM

This had no perceptible effect on speed for me. Doesn't only the current language get loaded anyway? You might want to delete them for space if you're desperate, but I don't see the point of disabling them. Given Mac OS X updates' propensities for being pathname dependent, I'm going to leave mine in unless I see a good reason not to.

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No affect on speed for me, but size is much smaller.
Authored by: uurf on Mar 19, '02 06:52:26PM

I took my iTunes from 27 mb to 9mb.

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Added a movie on this HOWTO.
Authored by: oeyvind on Mar 22, '02 02:00:48AM
A HOWTO movie on this tips... sometime, seeing is easier...^^ Enjoy

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Old Feature, not sure of the point, though
Authored by: jmil on Mar 19, '02 02:40:38PM
This has been a feature since at least 10.0.4 based on the date of Oct 9 2001 on a previous post: Use scroll wheel in Show Info window As I recall, OmniWeb was one of the first applications to include localization files, and I think this is where I saw it. Disabling these languages does not make applications launch faster (which you can easily confirm) as the operating system will only load the single .lprog that is necessary for this particular launch instance. The only purpose I can see is from a permissions perspective - to prevent non-admins from running apps in other languages... although I'm not sure exactly why that would be necessary. Maybe for testing out language behavior when you're localizing your application. A good feature similar to this is that some applications (like OmniWeb) enable you to disable Plugins from the Get Info pane, as well. This is useful (such as disabling a buggy 3rd party plugin), and would definitely make applications launch faster (disabled plugins go into a "PlugIns Disabled" folder, appropriately). Jordan

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Bad localizations
Authored by: cram on Mar 19, '02 03:56:21PM

Another use is to disactivate bad localizations !... I remember doing it for a program where the french translation (I'm French) was soooo ugly that it was making me sick...

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Authored by: bullyt on Mar 19, '02 04:32:17PM

I followed the hint and removed a number of unneeded languages. However I am unfamiliar with da, fi, ko etc. May they safely be removed? In addition, besides iTunes are there any other Apple apps that include multiple languages? TIA

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Authored by: balthisar on Mar 19, '02 06:20:43PM

>> I am unfamiliar with da, fi, ko etc.

I don't know why some languages are abreviated like that, either. They're usually easy enough to figure out, and I THINK they're standard internation abbreviations. You listed Danish, Finish, and Korean,

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Industrial way of removing localization files
Authored by: fortun on Mar 19, '02 04:42:55PM
You should have a look at Youpi Organizer. It allows you to remove all the localized parts of the programs with some possibilities of parametarization.

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Industrial way of removing localization files
Authored by: echo on Mar 19, '02 06:23:14PM
My utility of choice for doing this is DeLocalizer by Mike Bombich

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Big effect on Sherlock
Authored by: JoeHope on Mar 19, '02 05:44:53PM

From an earlier hint, removing localisations from Sherlock vastly improves its search speed. I believe that it searches using each localisation - which can make it more than ten times slower than it has to be.

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Public Beta
Authored by: Hes Nikke on Mar 19, '02 05:58:22PM

i saw this in public beta, then i havn't seen it since 10.0 was release, OTOH i havn't looked for it either ;)

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Plugins, Too!
Authored by: dmackler on Mar 20, '02 12:57:22AM
The Show Info dialog also allows you to add or delete plug-ins to apps that support those. It automatically copies them into the proper folder. This works for iMovie, and perhaps others as well.

Much easier than digging through the somewhat cumbersome bundle hierarchy.

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Authored by: pyrohotdog on Mar 20, '02 04:08:10PM

heres a nice freeware program for deleteing languages:

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Authored by: Libwolf on Dec 12, '06 05:55:44PM
It has moved to Sourceforge.

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This HOWTO in movie form
Authored by: oeyvind on Mar 22, '02 02:03:21AM
Created a HOWTO movie, hope this can help illustrate this tip better. Cheers...^^

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