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Use with an alternate SMTP server Apps
My ISP's SMTP server is only reachable to send mail when I have my TiBook at home. If I take it to work and try to send mail, my ISP's SMTP server will give me an error if I try and send mail through it. However, I found a way to send the mail via an alternate SMTP server with Here's how:
  1. Create a second account in the preferences dialog.
  2. Use the same email address, full name, host name, user name,
  3. Set the password field to something incorrect (like "1"). You can't leave this field blank
  4. Set the SMTP host to some mailserver at work you know you can relay through
  5. In the accounts options, enable the account but uncheck "Include this account when checking mail".
Now, when tries to send email, it will use the account that shows up first in the preferences display to send the email. If you are at work, drag the work account to the first position in the list. If you are home, drag the home account to the first position in the list.

It's not a great solution but it gets the job done.

Note: If you give the two accounts different "email address" lines, you will get a selection box when you are editing the email to tell which account to send the email from. In this case, however, I didn't like that so I purposefully made the email addresses on the two accounts the same.
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Or just run your own...
Authored by: themostbob on Mar 19, '02 03:42:27PM

Since that hint last year pointing to an offsite tutorial, Postfix has come a remarkable distance to an easy installation on MacOSX. I was having SMTP problems with Yahoo on my main mail receiving machine and decided to give it a shot. Suggestion: ignore that previous hint. Fink has PCRE 3.7 in unsupported (3.5 compatability?) if you want it, but Postfix is working great without those other 3 packages spoken of in the tutorial (they weren't listed as requirements).

Just download the tarball from and immediately go to $POSTFIX/auxiliary/macosx for fairly simple instructions to get it going. There are even scripts to get the users added in netinfo, backup and store your sendmail binaries, and a StartupItem. I would suggest taking some time to learn about mailserver operation as you config the server, but it will be worth it to a number of people, I'm sure. Most of Postfix need not run to only send mail out.

I'll write an updated hint if people want...reply to let me know. Flames to /dev/null.

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OR you could run your own
Authored by: mbanks on Mar 21, '02 03:52:35PM

You'll find it elsewhere on this site, but you can run your own smtp server on your OSX box. The link on this tip ( is outdated, but the new link is:

It's probably the first thing I do to customize a new OSX box that I'll be using. There are only two problems:
1) as you change IP's, you'll have to either a) reboot or b) (much nicer) do a kill -HUP on the PID of sendmail. (If you don't know how to do that, you might be better off just rebooting.)
2) it seems that 10.1.3 tends to change some permissions on boot up. So, the chmod and chown lines listed in the script can be added to the sendmail startup script to fix that. (At the beginning of the script)

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