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Use OS 9 PPD files to create OS X printers System
I don't know if this is common knowledge or not, but you can use old PPD files from OS 9 as printer drivers for OS X. At least with Xerox Printers...

Here is a link to Xerox's PDF help document on how to use the PPD for the Document Centre for OS X: Xerox DC Tips.

I don't know if it works for others too but it worked for me. I can now access a Xerox Document Centre 265ST over a Windows network! ;-)

[Editor's note: Although this has been referenced in a couple of previous hints regarding printing, it's probably worthy of a mention on its own merits. I used this method to get my Brother printer working. I also used the same method at work to create a completely functional QMS Color Laser Printer in OS X, even though our I/S group told me that QMS had told them the printer was not supported in OS X!]
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Use OS 9 PPD files to create OS X printers | 7 comments | Create New Account
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Worked for EpsonRip too
Authored by: Lucky_Strike on Mar 16, '02 12:20:05PM

This method also worked for me - I had a EpsonStylus850 with serial port which I couldn't use with either of my G4's. Additionally I need postscript printing hence the EpsonRIP software - which doesn't work under OSX (nor in Classic). The solution was to install the Windows version of the RIP on a Win2K workstation on my LAN and the using the original OS9 PPD (or the Windows PPD!) I was able to print via PCMacLAN's printer sharing.

I see no reason why this wouldn't work via AppleTalk if the 850 were connected to an older Mac with serial ports, and the EpsonRIP installed, on the LAN


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Don't forget ColorSync!
Authored by: betatest on Mar 16, '02 01:39:44PM

What is mentioned above works particularily well. The only caveat I have found is that generally, printing over AppleTalk from my Pismo is _extremely_ slow, but it works. (I tried to print to a ColorPass printer and found it faster to RIP a PDF and print it on a (gasp) Windoze machine hosting the RIP software.)

BUT, when setting up a colour printer with an (OS 9) PPD file, don't forget tocopy the ColorSync profiles to your (or System) library (/Library/Colorsync/Profiles). This allows the PostScript printer driver to access any colour-calibration already available for your printer. Very useful in the Epson 850 article above (I had to do the same thing - and it works great).

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sometimes line endings are a problem.
Authored by: etwoy on Mar 16, '02 09:23:23PM

and you need to convert the .ppd file to unix line endings not mac.

this has only been a problem with a couple of xerox ones I've come across..

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Not much luck getting my Brother working
Authored by: mattmend on Mar 17, '02 08:12:59PM

I'd be really interested in how you got your Brother working. I have an HL-1250 networked via a print server built into my broadband router that I've had zero luck printing to. I think I've tried just about everything. Might anyone have any suggestions? Choosing the LPR option doesn't seem to work nor does the setup instructions I discovered someone had created for creating a printer in Netinfo.

Thanks -


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solution for brother 1250:Not much luck getting my Brother working
Authored by: stefanbaumgart on Dec 09, '02 05:15:01PM
I've got the same printer (brother 1250) and I had the same problem,
an easy way to get it work is to use the gimp-printer drivers
Before you do this you have to install "ESP Ghostscript 7.05.5", you can find this on the same page.
After installing the gimp driver go to the Print Center add a TCP/IP Printer,
select the ip the router is broadcasting the printer. Some routers, like mine,
digitus, use non standart ques like lpr, mine uses for example lp.
Finally add the printer.
Now select the printer in the Print Center Window and Press Command I, for printer information.
Select PPDs and as printer HP, all HP Models are now listed.
The brother 1250 is compatible with "HP LaserJet 4 series" so select this Printer.
Open your browser with http://localhost:631, you see the cups printermanager now, select
"Do Administration Tasks" and then "Manage Printers" here you might configure the
maximum resolution you allways want to print. The maximum is 600d pi.
After all this stuff you shout be able to print to your brother. Your Stefan ;-)

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QMS Color Laser
Authored by: Namoi on Mar 18, '02 02:11:16PM

The editor mentioned getting a QMS Color Laser printer to work using "non-OSX" PPD files. I have a QMS Color Pageworks Pro L - just wondering if this was the same or a similiar printer, and if any tweaking of the PPDs was involved.

I've been trying to get mine to work over a Win2K server network - only black/white printing from certain apps (Appleworks) using some of the other QMS PPDs.

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Use OS 9 PPD files to create OS X printers
Authored by: 60watt on May 23, '05 03:55:31PM

The link is dead...anyone have a copy of that PDF? Or do you have a good idea what the name of it might be? Xerox's site is massive...I don't know where to begin. Help would be very much appreciated!!!

Much thanks,

jim 60watt(AT)

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