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A couple of Classic management tips Classic
Some applications don't open properly (such as Photoshop, which sometimes has an empty menubar) when they are the application that causes Classic to launch.

The standard way around this is either to have Classic running all the time, or to start it up first from System Preferences, which is at least a two-click process.

Instead, I launch Classic once, and when the start-up application appears in the Dock, I click on it and select "Keep in Dock." That way, I have a one-click access to it in the future. I also have a little freeware app called Classic Spy which shows the status of Classic in my menubar.

Perhaps these are not hint-worthy strategies, but they work for me.

[Editor's note: Seems like good advice to me, and I'm not sure we've ever published the "Classic icon in dock" tip. It's possible it was buried in another hint at some point in time, but the collection of tips to search through keeps getting bigger and bigger!]
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Another hint
Authored by: Schraeds74 on Mar 14, '02 11:42:49AM

I have to use Photoshop 6 (classic) alot bc my plug-ins dont work in the os X beta. What I usually do is launch Photoshop, quit then relaunch it. For me it is easier than launching classic from the System Prefs and it fixes the blank menu bar problem. Just thought someone else out there might want to use this tip. I hate using classic and only do when i have to, otherwise I'd use a util like classic spy or classic toggler.

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Authored by: Jay on Mar 14, '02 12:35:35PM

I hadn't thought about this before, but would you have ever put Photoshop in your Startup Items folder in OS 9? I wouldn't have! Maybe that should be the rule of thumb.

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Classic Startup
Authored by: ksujeff99 on Mar 14, '02 05:11:42PM

The Classic Startup application can be found at /System/Library/CoreServices/.

I use Keyboard Maestro and have a key combination pointed to that the Classic Whevever I want Classic to start, I just hit that key combination.

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Classic launcher
Authored by: oem on Mar 14, '02 09:53:21PM

Hum, this may be the first alias I've put in the dock. :)

Almost one year I use this. If you don't remember if classic is running. just click on it. If classic is running, it will tell you 'The Classic environment is already running. Quitting this startup application' so you know classic runs. I've tried other utilities but this is far the best and simplest way to launch or check if classic is running.
As far as classic may be needed (less and less for me but I'll keep it until all my plugins are carbonised for ai 10 and ps7) I'll have this icon in second place in my dock. I also put an alias in a Dragthing dock tab (Guess: my classic applications tab).

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way to get correct windows and menus back
Authored by: J0l on Mar 15, '02 08:28:37AM

Yep. I 've found this problem too; but there is a simple way to get the windows and menus back once the application has been launched (Dreamweaver does this to me all the time).

Just click back (or command TAB) back to an OSX application (I normally select the finder) then click back into the offending Classic application and hey presto the menus are back and not everything is greyed out and you can get back to work.

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