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Option click to position terminal cursor UNIX
I don't know how I missed this before. As a new Unix user, I often don't quite type terminal instructions correctly on the first attempt. Usually, I would "up arrow" to retrieve the last command, and then backwards cursor through the command--but if the filepaths were long, I might have to go through several lines of text to correct just one or two characters of typo. The terminal being the terminal, it wouldn't respond to positioning the cursor with the mouse--or so I thought.

Well, in the terminal preferences, under the last option "Emulation", you can turn on "option click to position cursor." Which allows one to 'option click' in any command and have the cursor positioned under the mouse pointer. Particularly useful in pico, so you don't have to scroll through the whole config file.
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Works with 'curses' too
Authored by: Mithrandir on Mar 11, '02 12:34:38AM

This also works with programs like pico, vi & emacs that use the 'curses' system of display.

Very handy!


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Authored by: el bid on Mar 11, '02 09:27:56AM

Seasoned Unixen don't routinely regard the mouse as any kind of shortcut, because it takes a hand away from the keyboard, which is where the Force resides.

The default setting observes some of the standard Emacs cursor movement key combos: Ctrl-E will take you to the end of the line; Ctrl-A to the beginning. Ctrl-F, Esc+F move forward by char or word respectively, similarly Ctrl-B, Esc+B move back. Ctrl-T, Esc+T transpose chars or words.

For Unixen the mouse is mostly there to twiddle with while you think about the next thing you want to do. :-)

el bid

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Authored by: Merikus on Mar 11, '02 10:35:23AM

It's important to note that all of these commands (e.g., ctrl+e) work with Cocoa applications, such as OmniWeb. Want to jump to the beginning of a line or whatnot? Just use the easy keyboard Unix shortcuts. :)

Should this be a hint...?


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Authored by: Mithrandir on Mar 11, '02 11:01:35AM

All those handy tricks can also be used without having to remember the letters. Not that that's a tough one...

May only be a Cocoa thing though:

Control + Left Arrow = beginning of line
Control + Right Arrow = End of line
Option + Left Arrow = move back by word
Option + Right Arrow = move forward by word

Holding the Shift key in combination with the above makes selections instead of just moving the cursor.

Same stuff, just a little more Apple friendly.


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Option click to position terminal cursor
Authored by: leturner on May 11, '12 08:36:24AM

This option seems to be gone from OS X 10.7 (Lion)


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