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Quick method to resize IE window Apps
Are you annoyed by the size of your IE window when it slips behind the dock? I inadvertently found this trick: with IE as the front application, just press Option-Command-D twice in a row. The IE window will resize to just above the dock and give you access to the scroll bars again.
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Dock Hiding On / Off
Authored by: thinkyhead on Mar 09, '02 09:09:42PM

Of course this turns Dock hiding on and then off again, which signals IE and other Dock-savvy applications to resize their windows.

I've noticed that command-option-D doesn't always hide the Dock. I have to move the mouse on and off the Dock before it hides itself.

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IE's not really dock-savvy
Authored by: scotty321 on Mar 10, '02 02:04:44AM

Well, officially, IE is NOT "dock-savvy", because a dock-savvy application recognizes the dock when you MAXIMIZE a window within that application. So that's why this tip is so helpful -- it gets around the fact that IE is NOT dock-savvy.

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Default IE window position?
Authored by: MXMike on Mar 10, '02 05:26:30AM

Cool hint. The first thing I do each time I start up IE is resize the browser window so that the right edge is against the right edge of the screen, so that I can blindly move the pointer to the far right to operate the scroll bar. Is there a way (script, pref file, etc.) that I can make this my default window position?

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Default IE window position?
Authored by: scotty321 on Mar 10, '02 01:52:30PM

Preferences-->Interface Extras. Toggle the window settings in there, and you'll get the desired effect, I believe. Haven't played too much with this, though... I could be wrong.

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Default IE window position?
Authored by: echo on Mar 10, '02 04:16:21PM

Not default, but a quick fix is to use a bookmarklet, which is javascript as an URL. I have a folder of them in my favorites bar. Make a favorite with the URL:

For example, my resize URL (Cinema Display) is:

Apologies for this not being specific to OS X, just responding to the question.

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Default IE window position?
Authored by: riffraff on Mar 10, '02 06:16:37PM

Ooh, I like that, didn't even think of it. Even easier would be to put enter that javascript line into the preferences as your homepage, and tell it to automatically go to your homepage upon opening a new window.

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Default IE window position?
Authored by: MXMike on Mar 11, '02 04:11:28AM

Thank you! That javascript command is exactly what I was looking for. I've made it my default page and now all my new windows are exactly the size I want them :)

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Default IE window position?
Authored by: bluehz on Mar 11, '02 05:54:52AM


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Didn't work for me
Authored by: DavidRavenMoon on Mar 10, '02 11:31:31AM

Command-Option-D adds the current URL to the Toolbar Favorites in IE.

I tried it in the Finder, and it didn't do anything.

I just always keep my IE window sized to miss the Dock

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Didn't work for me
Authored by: kidred on Mar 10, '02 09:25:01PM

Same here, I got 40 bookmarks from hittin COMMAND+OPTION+D, so don't tell me that only OPTION+D creates bookmarks as I got plenty to prove this doesn't work for everyone. Yes IE is in the foreground, it just doesn't work (other then making bookmarks)

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Authored by: Anonymous on Mar 10, '02 11:39:33AM


Hitting Command-Option-D twice when Internet Explorer is the frontmost application merely places two identical bookmarks of whatever page you're on in your Toolbar Favorites.

This hint should be deleted, as it provides misinformation.

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Authored by: Edison517 on Mar 10, '02 12:57:56PM

This DOES work. I'm on 10.1.3 with IE 5.1.3 and the shortcut keys for bookmark are Command-D, NOT Command-Option-D.

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Authored by: edjusted on Mar 10, '02 01:01:30PM

The command for adding a bookmark in Explorer is Cmd-D *not* Cmd-option-D. This hint works just fine :)

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Authored by: bsknight on Mar 10, '02 02:35:04PM

Certainly not wrong for me - it works as the posting says.

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Authored by: DougAdams on Mar 10, '02 04:56:14PM

Command-option D does NOT re-size my IE window either. It adds the current URL to my Toolbar Favorites.

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Authored by: nicksay on Mar 10, '02 05:12:43PM

This hint is valid and correct! Hitting CMD-OPT-D does in fact hide and unhide the dock, thus moving any IE window above the dock. This works with IE as the front application or any other, as far as I know.

For those posters who were having problems (i.e. getting bookmarks placed), are you sure you're holding down the OPTION key as well? (CMD-D is the IE shortcut for adding a bookmark.) Are you sure you're not pressing CTRL instead of OPT? I know these are rather trivial things, and the questions may seem condescending, but they're not. I'm just trying to make sure everyont is on the same page here.

Sorry for the repeat post, but I wanted to get a response in the top thread.

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Interesting ... but still wrong on many people's systems, if not on all systems.
Authored by: Anonymous on Mar 10, '02 06:47:36PM

Yes, Command-D adds a favorite. Command-Option-D adds a favorite to Toolbar Favorites. This hint does not work on my system, nor on many people's systems, evidently. It'd be interesting to see what the differences are.

I'm running Mac OS 10.1.3. If I choose "About Internet Explorer," it informs me it's version 5.1.3.

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The Difference...
Authored by: thinkyhead on Mar 10, '02 09:00:22PM

Command-option-D is a menu shortcut, so if for some reason the Dock options are not in your Apple Menu then command-option-D won't do anything. When I first got FruitMenu I didn't enable the Dock options at first, and so it broke the command-option-D shortcut.

The fact that Apple has added system-wide menu shortcuts kind of bugs me, to tell you the truth. It bugs me equally that Internet Explorer would implement command-option-D as a menu shortcut and yet not include it in its menus. Another example of a non-standard implementation by MS, and a shortcut they're going to have to replace with something else.

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More interesting
Authored by: betatest on Mar 11, '02 06:22:47PM

I'm running 10.1.3 and MS IE 5.1.3 on a PB G3 bronze (scsi). cmd-opt-D works for great for me. In fact, I was cursing Apple for not having included a keyboard shorcut for hiding the dock... my bad.

FYI, I am also running Fruit Menu and I DO NOT have the dock as one of the items in my customized Apple menu....

BTW, does anyone know of some way to DISABLE the cmd-tab app switcher? It's killing me in other (Classic) apps where this shortcut has been used for years (Quark, Illustrator 8+9, etc.).

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And still more interesting...
Authored by: thinkyhead on Mar 12, '02 02:48:23AM

I noticed that programs that *properly* implement a shortcut used by Apple - such as command-H or command-option-D - supercede the system-wide shortcut. For example, when running BBEdit the dock hiding shortcut goes away, because it is overridden by BBEdit's "Reveal Selection" command.

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