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Dragging Items To Folders in the Dock Desktop
When you've got a folder in the dock, and you want to drag an item into that folder, does anybody else find it disconcerting to have that folder MOVE OUT OF THE WAY for a second because it thinks you're trying to add something to the DOCK instead of to that folder?

Well, my absolute favorite Mac OS X tip is if you hold down the COMMAND key when you drag an item to a folder in the dock, the folder will NOT slide out of the way -- it will just sit there waiting for you to drag stuff into it!
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Dragging Items To Folders in the Dock | 5 comments | Create New Account
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Any way to change this?
Authored by: Anonymous on Mar 07, '02 10:24:31PM

Holding down the COMMAND key does prevent things moving around on the Dock. However am I the only one who finds this a pain? I drag things to ITEMS on the Dock far more than I drag things to the Dock itself.

I would like to be able to change the default behaviour to having things NOT move on the Dock, and use the COMMAND key to get them to move, thereby allowing things to be docked. (anyone dragging things to the trash alot knows how this can be annoying).

Anyone have any ideas on how to do this?

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Command click on dock icon
Authored by: Bishop on Mar 08, '02 06:32:41AM

I don't drag stuff to folders in the dock often but I believe people in general do this *much* more often than actually adding stuff to the dock. Therefore it would be better with a delay for adding stuff unless a modifier is down. To avoid the problem of moving to the trash, use the keyboard shortcut Command-Backspc.

What I really was going to write was a small tip, if you command-click on an icon in the dock it will be revealed in the finder. Might come in handy.

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Good point!
Authored by: Kimhill on Mar 07, '02 10:27:26PM

I think that we might be better off with this (static icons) as the default behavior. I do dock "drag & drops" *vastly* more often than adding an icon to the dock.

How many times a week do the icons slide inappropriately for you when dragging & dropping?

Ever drag a bunch of files to a folder or the trash and have it slip aside and you just put 20 items into the dock? No fun! What would a Mac novice make of that one?

I sent a suggestion to Apple a while ago suggesting a pause before the icons slide, accompanied by a visual cue (like a blinking line indicating the space that's about to open up.

This is one of those OSX rough patches...

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Great point!
Authored by: dr_turgeon on Mar 08, '02 01:49:39AM

This would make the addition/modify behavior more consistant with the menubar, toolbar, titlebar...

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COMMAND-drag = move
Authored by: BananaFish on Mar 16, '02 09:32:04AM
I think the reason why COMMAND-dragging a file to the dock keeps icons in place is because COMMAND-dragging moves files to a different location. Since files/folders don't technically reside in the Dock, you can't move files into it.

So, if you want to move files from one drive/partition to another, you can COMMAND-drag. This basically creates a copy of the files in the new location and then deletes the files from the old location.


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