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Access Linux volumes with Netatalk Network
If you have ever wanted to mount volumes from your linux box on your MacIntosh without the aid of an FTP client, then Netatalk is what you have been looking for.

I just discovered that Netatalk is now on Source Forge, and is actively being updated. You can download either a CVS version or the current stable version, as well as a module to control Netatalk from webmin.

The install onto my Linux box file server was quite painless and I was instantly able to mount all my Linux volumes on my OS X desktop (works equally well on OS 9).

Among other things, Netatalk allows OS X to keep the proper file types (with the ability to define custom file types) and I do not have to deal with invisible files from other file transfers from PC's or other Macs. You have the choice of either AppleTalk or AFP over TCP/IP, the latter being quite a bit faster with file transfers and easier to setup.
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Why not nfs?
Authored by: Smackeron on Mar 07, '02 01:36:52AM

You can also use nfs to share your linux files to to a OS X box. Since Linux and OS X are unix based OS's nfs might even be faster/better. You can even get the permissions and users/groups to match up..but you may have to edit the user/group ID's on one of the machines...

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Why not nfs?
Authored by: jg167 on Mar 28, '02 12:25:27PM

I have no problems nfs mounting an exported dir from a solaris box on MacOS X, but I have not been able to get such to work mounting an exported dir from a Linux host. I've tired kernels 2.2.14 and 2.4.17 and both seem to work on the mac side in that the mount does not return an error. But the mount also does not actually work, the mounted-on dir ends up in a funny state where any access ges an "operation not permited" error and df does not list the mount.

any ideas?

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Any luck using Redhat?
Authored by: billthecat on Mar 07, '02 03:20:10AM

I've used a couple of versions of netatalk (including the current v1.5.2) on Redhat v7.1 and Mac OS X 10.1.x will never connect properly. i get to the point where I select the volume I want and a message "The file server connection has unexpectedly closed down". Any ideas?

This same server works just fine when connecting under Mac OS 9.

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Any luck using Redhat?
Authored by: JessamyG4 on Mar 07, '02 12:14:10PM

The fix for this is actually pretty dumb. Add a login message to the server in the netatalk.conf (I think). It will only show the first word and it's kind of annoying every time you log into a server but it gets you there.

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Any luck using Redhat?
Authored by: gdelfino on Mar 07, '02 03:23:18PM

Could you please tell me how to add a "server message" to the netatalk.conf file? I did a 'man netatalk.conf' and couldn't find any references to that.

From OS9 I can mount volumes from my YellowDog Linux server. From OSX I get:

"The file server "localhost" connection has unexpectedly closed down."



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Any luck using Redhat?
Authored by: cheekyboy on Mar 07, '02 04:13:56PM

I was having the same problem...

I added the following to the afpd.conf file.

- -loginmesg "welcome"

(thats two "-" at the begin)

so thanks JessamyG4 for the tip

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Any luck using Redhat?
Authored by: outofcontrol on Mar 07, '02 01:19:06PM
I am currently using Redhat 7.0 (Yes I know already ...) and everything is working fine. I was able to login with no problems and I have not experienced any unrequrested logouts either.

The current release seems to be quite stable, so far.

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Any luck using Redhat? --Figured it out
Authored by: billthecat on Mar 07, '02 01:42:18PM

After doing some snooping through the Netatalk 1.5.2 make file and the man pages I figured it out.

The previous install was v1.5.0pre6, was installed using the RPM at sourceforge. Because it was a Redhat-specific install everything went in a Redhat-specific place (I really hate that). Unfortunately, The RPM puts things in different places than 'make install' does when compiling from the source code. A quick look at /var/log/messages showed that even with v1.5.2 installed v1.5.0pre6 was still starting up.

So basically, I had to remap a couple things on my Linux box:

1. Modify the /etc/rc.d/init.d/atalk script to point to /usr/local/sbin instead of /usr/bin

2. Create a link from /etc/atalk (the existing netatalk config files) to /usr/local/etc/netatalk (where the v1.5.2 install expects to find them).

I figured this was easier than trying to figure out how to properly remap paths in the make file to match up with where the rpm install put everything.

Everything's good now, and iTunes can finally get to my mp3 stash. Hurray!

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Any luck using Redhat?
Authored by: penguintiz on Nov 19, '02 09:27:07PM

Use Adrian Sun's version of netatalk. It works flawlessly. It will say +asun in the package name

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NFS and samba
Authored by: ashevin on Mar 07, '02 09:42:25AM

As a previous poster said, both linux and OS X support NFS. Another option is to install samba on the linux box and use OS X's smb capability.

- Avi

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no linux hfs+ support still?
Authored by: skyhuv on Mar 07, '02 10:06:55AM

dont know if this has changed -- but the last time I tried doing something like this I found out that only HFS is supported, not HFS+!

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no linux hfs+ support still?
Authored by: ashevin on Mar 07, '02 10:51:52AM

This hint does not discuss mounting linux volumes as local volumes on a OS X machine, or vice versa. It is discussing the mounting of linux volumes over a network. The local filesystem in use by either linux or OS X is completely irrelevant.

- Avi

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The difference-NFS-Netatalk
Authored by: Captain Scarlet on Mar 07, '02 11:01:29AM


I've used both. NFS and Netatalk.

And what I've seen, is that Netatalk is faster then NFS(UDP), but NFS is way more stable. Netatalk quits and gives error's, NFS doesn't do that.

Now if your running just OS 9, use Netatalk. NFS support on OS 9, sucks!!
If your running OS X, use NFS!!!!!

Plus the Appledouble problem doesn't happen with NFS.

My people haven't *itched about the connection closing on me, anymore!!!

And oh yeah the Box is a G3 233mhz with 80GB, running LinuxPPC using the 2.4.18 kernel.


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The difference-NFS-Netatalk
Authored by: darron on Mar 07, '02 02:28:42PM

We have had no problems here with Netatalk 1.5pre8 on a Linux Mandrake box.

I mount a Netatalk volume to listen to about 20GB of music every day / all day.

No problems at all.

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The difference-NFS-Netatalk
Authored by: dastardlydruid on Mar 07, '02 06:43:24PM
Do you find that any file names longer than a certain number of characters (is it 32?) do not appear when you browse the files through Netatalk? A small thing perhaps, but it certainly interferes with the longish filenames of my old time radio shows....


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netatalk for appletalk
Authored by: macubergeek on Mar 07, '02 09:35:55PM

Am i missing something here, but I thought Netatalk was to enable a nix like os to provide Appletalk filesharing?

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