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Delay system restart after installation Install
If you're performing one of those annoying installations that require you to restart your mac, but you really don't feel like it yet, you can cancel it by simply having an active process running in the terminal ('top' works just fine, though I always happen to have 'pine' open).

When the restart tries to quit the Terminal application, Terminal will yell at you and give you the option to cancel, which, if you select it, will cancel the logout altogether and let you restart when you feel like it.

This is unlike OS 9, which would allow you to delay a restart in order to save a document or close a connection in a telnet app, etc., but would continue the logout as soon as you quit the offending application.

[Sudo Editor's Note: You should really restart your machine if asked by an installer, as certain system functions may not perform properly until you do so.]
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RE: Delayed restart
Authored by: bluehz on Mar 05, '02 06:09:27AM

The old trick of "force quitting" the installer also works.

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os 9(!) trick
Authored by: Hes Nikke on Mar 05, '02 06:33:45AM

there is also my favroite Mac OS 9 trick to cancle a shutdown/restart: launch an application! sherlock is nice and handy set to cmd-f ;)

oddly this trick doesn't work with Mac OS X! the launched application will bounce in the dock (or may even come all the way up!) then the dock will disapear and you'll log out.. odd...

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os 9(!) trick
Authored by: ces3001 on Sep 10, '03 01:11:16AM

Seems to work under 10.2.6
Just click an app (say, X) on the dock while the logout is quitting other apps and you'll get a message saying app X cancelled logout.

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Yay, work around forced restarts.
Authored by: Peganthyrus on Mar 05, '02 01:28:35PM
While, as the editor notes, it's a good idea to restart when an installer wants you to, sometimes it's a pain in the butt - like if you're installing several packages, all of which require a restart to do their job. Who wants to wait a few minutes for a reboot only to do something else that'll also want to restart?

At least X doesn't seem to let all-elbows installers shut down every other program while they do their job. I always want to smack people who do that.

Now, if only there was a way to deny installers from doing the lengthy task of 'optimizing system performance' to do it manually after several installs... I'm thinking of reinstalling my X from scratch due to some persistent troubles, and I dread the thought of all that optimizing.

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Yay, work around forced restarts.
Authored by: Dephex Twin on Mar 05, '02 04:22:28PM

Even then, you need to be wary. The only time I've had OS X totally crash was when the system locked hard when I held off on rebooting. I launched an app (I forget what I installed in the first place, but it was from Software Update recently), because I just wanted to look at something real quick before restarting, and the whole system locked hard as the app icon was bouncing.

Only time I've ever had the system crash ever though.


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Unlike OS 9? Not Really Any Better
Authored by: alajuela on Mar 05, '02 05:52:17PM

Many installer apps put you in that forced restart mode under OS 9 as well.

I have generally found far greater freedom to delay resarts under OS X.

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For Apple's
Authored by: sabi on Mar 05, '02 09:27:52PM

Closing the window will work.

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